May 06, 2002 12:00 PM

60 Up Front

12 U.S. cardinals meet in Rome to discuss the church’s sex-abuse scandal

62 Desiree Gruber weds actor Kyle MacLachlan in her hometown of Miami

64 Jay Leno marks 10 years as The Tonight Show’s hard-working host

68 A year after Chandra Levy disappears, her parents juggle hope and grief

75 Pages

Kent Keith gets credit as true author of The Paradoxical Commandments

78 Coda

Linda Boreman, dead at 53, gained notoriety as Deep Throat‘s Linda Lovelace

81 Screen

Sandra Bullock doesn’t do anything by the numbers

85 To the Top

TV psychic John Edward claims he hears loved ones who have crossed over

89 Teachers

James Hurley teaches high school seniors to solve crimes, CSI-style

93 Couples

Melissa Errico and Patrick McEnroe team up in Life or Something Like It

96 Introducing

Adam Scott earns his stripes as a Marine Corps lawyer in High Crimes

99 Trouble

The Enron collapse wiped out Charles Prestwood’s savings. He is not alone

109 On the Move

The Rock (a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson) rocks Hollywood in his first flick, the blockbuster Scorpion King

115 Kidnapped

Hope wanes for missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham

122 Cover

After months of suspicion, L.A. police charge Robert Blake with killing wife Bonny Bakley

131 Tube

24’s Leslie Hope fends off assassins—while raising an 8-year-old son off-camera

135 Style

Designers Le Ann Carlson and Denise Gaskill make medic ID bracelets stylish

136 Angels

Bugler Tom Day declares war on prerecorded “Taps” at military funerals

139 Whistleblowers

Exec Douglas Durand collects $79 million after exposing illegal doings at his pharmaceutical firm

145 Where Are They Now?

After years of grief, widowed singer Laura Branigan is ready to face the spotlight again

155 Medics

A promising new drug returns sight to actor Dabney Coleman, blinded by macular degeneration

159 Host

Trailblazing chef Cindy Pawlcyn helps create Northern California’s innovative Wine Country cuisine at her two Napa Valley eateries

163 Crime

They were known as the Jump Out Boys, an elite squad in the Miami police department. Now they are under fire for alleged abuses—and murder

169 Inventors

High school whiz kid Ryan Patterson sweeps three top science fairs with a computerized glove that translates sign language into written words

175 Controversy

Authorities suspect former star gynecologist Vicki Hufnagel of conduct both incompetent and illegal

184 Arts

Paparazzo Ron Galella snaps the stars off-guard

6 Mailbag

8 Online

10 Star Tracks

19 Scoop

31 Picks & Pans

59 Insider

121 Passages

149 Style Watch

172 Puzzler

190 Chatter

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