March 18, 2002 12:00 PM

52 Up Front

Bono, Britney and blue-grass added up to a night of surprises at the 44th Grammy Awards

56 The children of Manhattan’s P.S. 234, just three blocks from Ground Zero, return to their school at last

60 Heeding the call to royal duty, Britain’s Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, quit their day jobs

62 Anne Heche and her cameraman husband, Coleman Laffoon, welcome their firstborn, Homer

65 Screen

Dragonfly star Kevin Costner shrugs off talk of a career slump

69 Out of the Past

Keeping an old vow, World War II vet Vern Swanson helps locate the remains of comrades lost in the Battle of the Bulge

76 Losers

Still dodging questions about Chandra Levy, Gary Condit gets voted out of Congress

80 Cover

No doubt about it: Rosie O’Donnell confirms she is gay—and in love

93 Where Are They Now?

Jane Brucker, who played the snobbish older sister in Dirty Dancing, finds happiness as a “stay-at-home actress”

97 Crime

Accused of murdering his wife, art appraiser Peter Bergna says her death on a mountain road near Lake Tahoe was an accident

103 Angels

She’s the tiara-toting title-holder, but beauty-pageant winner Jenna Edwards loves making seriously ill girls queen for a day

109 Bio

Long a Hollywood rebel, Oscar-nominated director Robert Altman wins over the Establishment with Gosford Park

117 Controversy

At the right place in the worst possible time, Jules and Gedeon Naudet caught history on film Sept. 11

121 Tube

Alias‘s Jennifer Garner parlays her childhood ballet training into Bondian kicks and leaps as a sultry TV spy

124 Gallery

Cate Blanchett, Kelly Ripa and other storkstruck stars show off their baby loves

4 Mailbag

7 Online

8 Star Tracks

17 Scoop

27 Picks & Pans

51 Insider

79 Passages

89 Style Watch

106 Puzzler

132 Chatter

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