By People Staff
August 27, 2001 12:00 PM

48 Up Front

Momma Madonna’s 2001 tour is sex, diapers and rock and roll

54 David and Cristina Hunt and Jennifer and Will Stoelting forged a lifelong bond when each husband gave a kidney to the other’s wife

58 For comedian Drew Carey, laughter—and an angioplasty—prove the best medicine

61 Trouble

Actress Rebecca Gayheart faces a wrongful-death suit after hitting a 9-year-old with an SUV

67 Screen

American Pie 2 star Tara Reid bounces back after a painful breakup with MTV’s Carson Daly

70 Update

Death robs prosecutors of a key witness in the murder case against Kennedy relative Michael Skakel

73 Oh, Baby!

Plus-size supermodel Emme welcomes her firstborn, daughter Toby Cole

76 Cover

Wealthy, beautiful and now single, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman go it alone

85 Tube

For a TV movie—and as catharsis—director Allison Anders re-creates the gang rape she suffered at age 12

89 Couples

Soap stars James and Kassie DePaiva make nasty on One Life to Live; the story line at home is sunnier

98 Reunion

International pen pals for 37 years, Caren Gottesman and Carol Clarke finally get some face time

101 Where Are They Now?

After wisely investing his earnings from The Hogan Family, Jeremy Licht helps others manage their money

107 Farewell

Until she died from skin cancer, Maureen Reagan fought for her father’s love and a cure for Alzheimer’s

111 In Her Own Words

Researcher Louisa Moats says American kids are lousy spellers—and the White House is listening

115 Jocks

Luis Gonzalez gives his triplets the credit for helping him become baseball’s most startling slugger

119 Crime

Thomas and Janice Reedy financed their fancy lifestyle by selling kiddie porn—and now they’re paying for it big time

125 Song

Pop prodigy Alicia Keys unlocks the door to fame with a chart-topping debut CD

126 Style

With Laura Bush as a loyal client, designer Michael Faircloth is cutting a wide swath in the fashion world

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