August 20, 2001 12:00 PM

46 Up Front

After two children and too many delays, Pierce Brosnan weds Keely Shaye Smith in Ireland

54 With William and Harry looking on, Prince Charles, thrown from his polo pony, blacks out

56 Brit actor Christopher Hewett, TV’s Mr. Belvedere, kept a stiff upper lip as he faced death at 79

59 Crusaders

Losing her son transformed Autumn Alexander Skeen into a children’s auto-safety advocate

62 In the Spotlight

Anne Hathaway earns top marks for her ungainly debut in The Princess Diaries

66 Reunion

FedEx driver Darius Simmons makes a delivery-to his long-lost father

69 Screen

Planet of the Apes’ Estella Warren gave up Olympic dreams to hang with chimps

74 Cover

Addressing his drinking problem before it caused too much damage, Ben Affleck seeks help

87 Angels

After winning Britain’s lottery, Ray and Barbara Wragg shared the wealth

90 Where Are They Now?

Former romance-novel model Fabio still tresses for success

93 Pols

Public service is in the blood for Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu

101 In Her Own Words

Bioethicist R. Alta Charo says stem cell research could cure some medical scourges

104 Party

They want their MTV! The network’s 20th-birth-day party lured stars from Billy Idol to Macy Gray

4 Mailbag

10 Star Tracks

19 Scoop

27 Picks & Pans

45 Insider

73 Passages

83 Style Watch

98 Puzzler

108 Chatter

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