August 13, 2001 12:00 PM

50 Up Front

Hailed as a pain fighter, the prescription drug OxyContin has also brought anguish to small towns like Windber, Pa.

56 After a spate of bizarre behavior, diva Mariah Carey is hospitalized for exhaustion

58 Beloved in her community but invisible in Washington, D.C., Carolyn Condit, Gary’s wife, weathers a terrible scandal

63 Couples

Andie MacDowell finds a hometown husband-to-be in her former schoolmate Rhett Hartzog

67 Crime

She had been partying and was in a hurry, and in her haste, Carla Wagner, then 17, ran down another girl

75 Happy

Celine Dion takes a break from singing lullabies to celebrate the baptism of her new son René-Charles

78 Cover

On the brink of manhood, Princes William, 19, and Harry, 16, grow closer as each forges his own identity

87 Engaged

Paul McCartney picks a romantic setting in which to propose to activist and ex-model Heather Mills

88 Heirs

Oz Perkins—son of Psycho star Anthony—proves frightfully funny in Legally Blonde

93 Tube

Hassled by cops as a teen, S. Epatha Merkerson never dreamed she’d be playing one on Law & Order

97 In His Own Words

Good-manners guru John Bridges maintains that even rude rubes can turn into gentlemen

101 Pages

Rosamunde Pilcher hasn’t let retirement keep her from another bestseller

107 Where Are They Now?

Instead of pursuing a movie career, Carrie Henn, the terrified kid in Aliens, became a class act

117 Angels

At Lynne Hughes’s Camp Comfort, children swim, roast marshmallows—and learn how to survive the death of a loved one

121 In the Money

Sue Ismiel’s cool Nad’s depilatory proves a hot seller

124 Song

They may act goofy, but Blink-182 takes its teenangst music seriously

4 Mailbag

8 Star Tracks

19 Scoop

27 Picks & Pans

49 Insider

77 Passages

90 Puzzler

113 Style Watch

128 Chatter

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