July 16, 2001 12:00 PM

44 Up Front

Touching hearts or tickling funny bones, Jack Lemmon triumphed as an actor we loved to like


Oprah Winfrey hits the road, teaching thousands of fans how to “Live Your Best Life”

57 Trouble

Comedian and single mother Paula Poundstone is arrested on charges of sexual abuse

58 Tribute

Chet Atkins, whose guitar licks enlivened Nashville recordings for 50 years, dies of cancer at 77

66 Trends

For singles in a hurry, Rabbi Yaakov Deyo’s Speed Dating provides the seven-minute solution

70 Cover

After nearly four years together, America’s sweethearts Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt end their romance

79 Where Are They Now?

By helping HIV-positive kids, former soap star Nancy Addison Altman finds hope for her struggle with cancer

83 Crusaders

Chicago buildings commissioner Mary Richardson-Lowry makes the search for a ladies’ room a little easier

85 Tragedy

After waging a losing battle against chronic depression, the Shah of Iran’s youngest daughter, Leila Pahlavi, is found dead in London

90 Screen

Tank the Bear steals Dr. Dolittle 2 from Eddie Murphy with clever tricks and raw animal magnetism

95 Controversy

The search for missing intern Chandra Levy puts the spotlight on powerful congressman Gary Condit

98 Style

With her swimsuit line a bona fide hit, Seinfeld ex Shoshanna Lonstein enjoys her day in the sun

4 Mailbag

8 Star Tracks

17 Scoop

27 Picks & Pans

43 Insider

63 Style Watch

69 Passages

92 Puzzler

102 Chatter

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