By People Staff
July 09, 2001 12:00 PM

50 Up Front

It’s unthinkable: Andrea Yates allegedly drowned her five children. Could postpartum psychosis be the cause?

56 Actor Carroll O’Connor dies at 76, yet lives on in reruns as irascible, lovable bigot Archie Bunker

60 The death of blues guitarist John Lee Hooker strikes a sorrowful chord with the rock superstars he inspired

63 Jocks

Blasting home runs at a blistering pace, Barry Bonds is enjoying a banner year—on and off the field

67 Where Are They Now?

Fame came early for Irene Cara, but she’s yearning for a repeat performance

71 Style

Lawyer-turned-jewelry-designer Cathy Waterman makes the baubles stars like Gwyneth love to buy

77 Tube

Choreographer and Soul Food star Darrin Dewitt Henson keeps ‘N Sync and other hot acts on their toes

81 Crusaders

As part of a discrimination suit against her husband’s employer, Janice Avary holds the line on genetic testing

86 Cover

After her year of living dramatically, Meg Ryan puts scandal behind her and enjoys life as a single mom

99 Kin

With a role in Baby Boy, Omar Gooding—Cuba’s little brother—cruises into the Hollywood hood

101 Bio

Tamed by fatherhood and marriage, ex-bad boy Eddie Murphy scores with movies on the mild side

109 Trouble

Steve and Karen Porath lost their home, and nearly their son’s life, to a silent, toxic menace: black mold

112 Oh, Baby!

Today’s Matt Lauer and his wife, Annette, welcome a bouncing baby boy named Jack Matthew

115 Pages

David Douglas Duncan’s snap decision to publish photos of Henri Cartier-Bresson has the two famed photographers feuding

118 Song

The No. 1 pop hit “Lady Marmalade” gives hip-hop singer and dancer Mya a taste of sweet success

120 Scene

Jerry Rouleau built his unusual floating home to raise funds for cancer hospitals—and to honor his deceased wife

4 Mailbag

8 Star Tracks

17 Scoop

29 Picks & Pans

49 Insider

85 Passages

95 Style Watch

106 Puzzler

124 Chatter