September 24, 2001 12:00 PM

6 America Under Attack

Nightmarish suicide attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon leave the country stunned—yet resolute and searching for answers

24 New York City

Thousands flee—or die—as the Twin Towers collapse in a terrifying storm of soot and flaming debris

50 Washington, D.C.

An airborne assault on the Pentagon, a steadfast symbol of American military might, puts the nation’s capital on full alert

67 What They’re Saying

World leaders reached out to the United States with messages of anger, sympathy and support

74 The Rescue

Thousands of Manhattan office workers and ordinary citizens helped each other escape from crumbling buildings or landscapes of horror

104 Heroes

In the face of mortal danger, these firefighters, police, medics and ordinary folks courageously answered the call—and many made the supreme sacrifice

116 The Aftermath

As a devastating sense of loss seeps across the country, Americans struggle to cope with the catastrophe in the best ways they know how

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