March 26, 2001 12:00 PM

54 Up Front

Killed at 18 in a motorbike crash, Darren Minors gives new life to the five who received his organs

60 Fulfilling her dream to become a mother by 40, Camryn Manheim beats the clock by two days

62 After she won the biggest slots jackpot ever, Cynthia Jay-Brennan’s luck changed—tragically

67 Screen

She’s had ups and downs in career and love, but now Juliette Binoche’s life is a box of Chocolat

71 Trouble

Nanette Sexton Bailey tries a new weapon in divorce law, using DNA to back her charge of infidelity

81 Achievers

Blind Rhodes Scholar Zachary Battles has come a long way since his childhood in an orphanage

86 Cover

Oscar nominee Russell Crowe, Australia’s favorite dude with ‘tude, cooperates with the FBI after it uncovers a kidnap threat

95 Medics

Sisters Jennifer and Laura Berman team up to attack women’s sexual dysfunction

98 Scene

For Virginia’s horses, nothing is cooler than Roger Collins’s pool

101 Where Are They Now?

Leaving behind his days as thirtysomething’s troubled child, Luke Rossi learns how to be a kid again

105 Jocks

Coping with her mother’s breast cancer gave rising skating star Sarah Hughes some crucial lessons in life

108 Winners

Teacher Brian Webster gets overdue credit for his role in the 1996 flick Jingle All the Way

113 Song

Creed lead singer Scott Stapp lets fatherhood take him higher

117 Farewell

Morton Downey Jr., the formerly chain-smoking megamouth of trash TV, is silenced by lung cancer

119 Crime

More than 20 years after he was kidnapped as a baby, Matt Propp defends his accused abductors

125 Style

Furniture designer Dakota Jackson works magic on celebs like Jerry Seinfeld and Gwyneth Paltrow

129 Oh, Baby!

Pop singer Amy Grant and country star Vince Gill harmonize on a hit—it’s a girl

130 Party

With cheers from their peers, Julia Roberts, Michael Douglas and others rule at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

4 Mailbag

6 Inside People

8 Star Tracks

17 Scoop

25 Online

29 Picks & Pans

53 Insider

77 Style Watch

85 Passages

110 Puzzler

132 Chatter

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