By People Staff
Updated January 08, 2001 12:00 PM

44 Cover

It’s a bonny time for Madonna and director Guy Ritchie, who marry in the Scottish Highlands

50 Up Front

Jason Robards, an actor’s actor who survived both Pearl Harbor and the bottle, dies at 78

54 Police say Michael McDermott killed seven colleagues at his Massachusetts Internet company

58 Happy

In a night of surprises, Today cohost Matt Lauer announces that his wife, Annette Roque. is pregnant

61 Alarming

No one knows why, but Harry Fairweather, 2, keeps store sensors ringing

65 Trends

Thanks to shirtmaker Larry Kleinstein, girls with beefs against boys can let their T’s do the trash-talking

71 Split

His career may be soaring, but Jim Carrey’s yearlong romance with Renée Zellweger has nose-dived

72 Royals

Hauling lumber and cleaning toilets, Prince William (temporarily) forgoes luxury during a trip to Chile

76 Farewell

Victor Borge devised his own duet of classical music and comedy

78 Winners

Lauren Sveen helps fellow soccer moms better understand the sport

81 Out of the Past

Joyce Horman—whose husband’s 1973 murder in Chile was spotlighted in the film Missing—renews her search for justice

90 Sequel

Peggy McMartin Buckey was dogged by a 1980s child-molestation scandal

93 Mystery

As police probe the death of Kentucky Derby winner Chris Antley, friends blame demons he couldn’t beat

99 Tribute

Werner Klemperer played villainy for laughs as a blustery Nazi colonel on TV’s Hogan’s Heroes

103 Critters

Once homeless, Kelley is now a doggy diva with a scenery-chewing role in The Grinch

104 To the Top

Clean-cut skateboarding pro Tony Hawk is flying high—and higher

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