By People Staff
November 20, 2000 12:00 PM

64 Up Front

A presidential nail-biter and Hillary’s historic win were two of many closely watched races

72 Guests at Kenya’s Giraffe Manor come home with a trove of tall tales

79 Pages

In her memoir, singer Jewel chronicles the highs and lows of her young life

85 Survivors

Music executive John Diaz boarded Singapore Airlines Flight SQ006—and lived

91 Oh, Baby!

Jerry Seinfeld becomes a dada, dada, dada after his wife, Jessica, gives birth to baby girl Sascha

92 Scene

Colorado school principal Mike Jones makes house calls to read to his students

95 Breakthrough

A new transplant treatment gives Mary Anna Kralj-Pokerznik and others with juvenile diabetes a chance at normal lives

98 Introducing

In Billy Elliot, 14-year-old English actor Jamie Bell pirouettes toward stardom

101 Tube

The vertically challenged Jason Kravits increases his stature as The Practice’s nebbishy assistant D.A.

105 Adventure

High-flying Briton Jennifer Murray, 60, becomes the first woman to helicopter solo around the globe

111 Spirit

Moses, meet Mayberry. Joey Fann’s Bible classes find scriptural lessons in The Andy Griffith Show

112 Heroes

Faced with fire or medical emergency, these everyday heroes stepped in when lives were on the line

139 Book Bonus

An excerpt from Richard Ben Cramer’s controversial book Joe DiMaggio: The Hero’s Life sheds new light on DiMaggio’s turbulent yet tender romance with Marilyn Monroe

152 Cover

After 17 years of marriage and two children, Harrison Ford and wife Melissa Mathison separate

161 Style

Thanks to shoe designer Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choos are tops with trendy toes

165 Teachers

High school basketball coach nonpareil Morgan Wootten wins again—he enters the Hall of Fame

170 Song

Whether it’ s writing songs or cracking wise, Ireland’s sibling pop act the Corrs keep it in he family

173 Update

Investment broker Dana Giacchetto faces prison for stealing from the likes of Ben Stiller and Matt Damon

179 Where Are They Now?

Former New Kid Jonathan Knight dropped music for his dream job: renovating houses

183 Do-gooders

Overcoming a teenage trauma, Victoria Jackson helps women in crisis put on a new face

186 On the Job

Britain’s Grenadier Guards

need a few good men, and they’re willing to use karaoke to get them

188 Crusaders

Her 7-year-old son’s fatal fall leads Kim Healey to push for window safety

217 Royals

He’s fit, 40 and with Fergie (sort of). Prince Andrew shows off his new image on a visit to the U.S.

223 Farewell

Unbowed by Hollywood’s blacklist, wry screenwriter Ring Lardner Jr. (M*A*S*H) dies at 85

227 Host

Traveling with a pet? Room service is here, thanks to Blondie the bull terrier

229 Comeback

Audrey and Judy Landers, once TV’s sexiest sibs, enjoy a second act—as stars of a stage show for kids

234 Money

In an answer to holiday prayers, the Assumption Abbey monks find a way to make fruitcake divine

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