October 23, 2000 12:00 PM

64 Up Front

When longtime same-sex partners Carolyn Conrad and Kathleen Peterson got legally hitched, Carol Appleton and other Vermonters got mad

70 After 14 years of marriage, many of them rocky, country music’s main man Garth Brooks and his wife, Sandy, announce they plan to divorce

72 Faith, Shania, Reba and those still-winsome Dixie Chicks do their bit to glam up this year’s Country Music Association Awards

77 Trouble

Once the most powerful woman in the art world, former Sotheby’s CEO Diana Brooks faces an uncertain fate after copping to a price-fixing charge

82 Goodbye

Eight months after receiving an Oscar nomination for The Straight Story, an ailing Richard Farnsworth takes his own life

93 Update

Alabama legal secretary Shirley Henson said she killed Gena Foster in self-defense, but the jury in her road-rage trial didn’t buy it

96 Cover

In an exclusive excerpt from her new autobiography, expectant mom Celine Dion shares her heartwarming love story

107 Farewell

Even dying of cancer, Benjamin Orr, the former bassist for the Cars, refused to put the brakes on his rock and roll dream

109 To the Top

A gentle, idealistic academic, 56-year-old Vojislav Kostunica ousts the notorious Slobodan Milosevic from his 13-year rule in Yugoslavia

112 On the Move

Borrowing a move from Jesse Ventura, ex-World Wrestling Federation champion Bob Backlund runs for a congressional seat in Connecticut

115 Sequel

Twenty years after murdering John Lennon, Mark David Chapman is denied parole and returns to life as a kitchen worker in prison

118 Split

It began as puppy love, but after 37 years together singer Paul Anka and his wife, Anne, are divorcing

123 Kin

Author Anne Rice’s 22-year-old son Christopher has done his mother proud with A Density of Souls, his debut novel

125 Bio

Slicing, dicing and spieling, gadgetmeister Ron Popeil remains the king of those seemingly endless television infomercials

131 First Ladies

Called the “ultimate lion mother” by her son George W., Barbara Bush may have been the modern era’s most popular First Lady

140 Arts

Peter Anton’s mouthwatering sculptures lure art lovers—not to mention chocoholics

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