By People Staff
October 16, 2000 12:00 PM

62 Cover

Shedding his boyish shyness, an emboldened Prince William meets the press—and gives a piece of his mind to those who would exploit his mother

68 Up Front

Fans cry her a river as Barbra Streisand bids the concert stage a bicoastal farewell in Los Angeles and New York City

70 Among those aboard the Greek ferry that sank Sept. 26, claiming at least

79 victims, were Americans Heidi Hart and Christine Shannon—who lived to tell of their harrowing escape

75 Tube

Actor Bryan Cranston finds midlife stardom as the clueless suburban dad on Malcolm in the Middle

79 In the Money

Judith Schad went from literature Ph.D. student to big cheese—thanks to her gourmet-beloved goat dairy

83 Olympics 2000

Wyoming-bred jolly giant Rulon Gardner shocks the world by beating a Russian wrestling champ

87 On the Move

RFK’s daughter Kerry Kennedy Cuomo upholds her father’s legacy as a champion of human rights

93 In the Spotlight

Excitable Aussie wildlife wrangler Steve Irwin turns his Crocodile Hunter show into an international cable-TV smash hit

97 Angels

Under the watchful eye of Lorraine Hale, tots from troubled families find haven in the Harlem refuge founded by her late mother

109 In Her Own Words

If shopping for secondhand duds gives you a first-rate headache, talk to vintage-clothing expert Katy Rodriguez

113 Pages

In Married to Laughter, actor Jerry Stiller recalls stages shared with his wife, Anne Meara, and the Seinfeld gang

117 Tribute

Canada mourns former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as a leader of substance—and style

120 Tragedy

His death by bullets caught on TV, Mohammed al-Durra, 12, becomes a symbol of Mideast violence

134 Miss America

What is life like after the tears have dried and the crown has tarnished? The 61 surviving winners of the Miss America pageant share their stardust memories

193 Update

Spoofing his bad-boy rep, Charlie Sheen succeeds Michael J. Fox as Spin City’s deputy mayor

199 Farewell

Empty Nest star Richard Mulligan endured his terminal cancer alone and with quiet dignity

200 Wedding

Though he fell short at the Open, Pete Sampras does have a new title—husband to actress Bridgette Wilson

4 Mailbag

8 Inside People

10 Star Tracks

18 Scoop

27 Online

33 Picks & Pans

61 Insider

122 Puzzler

133 Passages

187 Style Watch

202 Chatter