October 02, 2000 12:00 PM

70 Up Front

After an asbestos mine brought death into her Montana town, Gayla Benefield struck back

76 Not just pretty faces, Karenna and Kristin Gore press the flesh on behalf of their father’s bid for the White House

80 Designer Betsey Johnson’s defective breast implant proved a blessing in disguise: It led to the early detection of her breast cancer

83 Split

After a decade together, singer Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher call it quits

87 Tragedy

British TV personality and pop-star companion Paula Yates lived fast, loved hard and died too soon, at age 41

91 Couples

They may not share airtime at the Olympics, but NBC’s Dan Hicks and Hannah Storm make a sporting pair

95 Scene

Popcorn and pureed peas meet at Catherine Fischer’s movie theater, where both parents and babies are more than welcome

98 Teacher

Claude Comair’s DigiPen Institute is a teenager’s dream: a school where you can major in video games

101 Medics

To save young lives, Dr. Eddie Cornwell exposes kids to the grim truth about guns and violence

105 Controversy

His daughter Alberta played a crucial role in helping free accused scientist Dr. Wen Ho Lee

111 Olympics 2000

Cliff Meidl, who carried the U.S. flag at the Games’ opening ceremonies, is one athlete who came back from the dead

116 Cover

Sex and the City’s star Sarah Jessica Parker triumphs over childhood poverty and strikes it rich in love, career and happiness

127 Kin

Louise Harrison—George’s sister—helps keep Beatle memories alive at a bed-and-breakfast in rural Illinois

133 Style

Leopard prints, leather, vinyl—no material is too wacky for Scotsman Howie Nicholsby’s hot kilts

141 Tube

Exchanging guns for a gavel, TV’s Judge Greg Mathis honors his mother’s dying wish

149 Coping

The White Shadow’s Ken Howard gets a new kidney from an old friend

154 Pages

Creating fine fixings is as easy as plugging in your iron, says Surreal Gourmet Bob Blumer

157 Crime

With stunning boldness, Indian bandit Veerappan kidnaps one of his nation’s top movie stars, Rajkumar

162 Party

Jimmy Smits, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin light up the first annual Latin Grammy Awards

7 Mailbag

14 Star Tracks

22 Scoop

35 Online

39 Picks & Pans

69 Insider

115 Passages

135 Style Watch

146 Puzzler

166 Chatter

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