September 11, 2000 12:00 PM

68 Up Front

The West is ablaze as firefighters like the Del Rosas endure America’s longest, hottest summer in 50 years

74 With bride Jennifer Aniston at home making Friends, Brad Pitt stirs up a bit of trouble greeting his British fans

76 Weighing 117 lbs., 3-year-old Anamarie Martinez-Regino is taken from her parents by child-welfare authorities

81 Wedding

As dad Muhammad looks on, boxing bride Laila Ali ties the knot with her trainer, Johnny McClain

85 Pages

Cookbook author Anne Byrn can make cake mixes taste just like homemade

87 Naked Guy Sequel

Survivor winner Richard Hatch bares all about his troubled teens, parenting woes—and plans

93 Winners

Nancy Kerrigan’s dad, Dan, hits the lottery twice-once for $20 and once for $1 million

97 Adventure

Held by Islamic guerrillas, four American rock climbers take an extreme measure to save their lives

102 On the Job

Daring pitches and great accuracy have made Houston’s Arnie Murphy a ballpark star-selling peanuts

104 Crusaders

Liverpool police officer Dale Bradshaw reaches out to kids with collectible Pokémon-style Cop Cards

107 Local Heroes

Budding philanthropist Jason Crowe, 13, is gifted in both heart and mind

112 Cover

Twelve years after a sex tape embarrassed him before the world, The West Wing’s Rob Lowe is proving to be the comeback kid

125 Teachers

At America’s first academy of sushi, master chef Andy Matsuda shows students how to wield a mean knife

129 Bio

The Audubon Society’s John Flicker hopes to make the nation’s young at home with nature

135 Scene

When Bucky Buckman races school buses—or trailers—fans have a smashing good time

143 In Her Own Words

How do you create a truly flawless face? Ask makeup whiz Laura Mercier

147 Tube

Despite a suspension from college, Mormon coed Julie Stoffer defends her stint on The Real World

153 Kin

Billy Graham’s daughter Anne Graham Lotz preaches a moving gospel

161 Olympics 2000

The Clark sisters and their sister-in-law-800-meter hopefuls all-prepare for the run of their lives

167 Animals

Fiona Middleton doesn’t just talk to the animals, she plays the violin for seals

171 Angels

By holding special summer camps, Fred and Carol Tanenbaum let kids forget the horrors of war

177 Update

Acquitted of drug charges in Kentucky, hemp activist Woody Harrelson vows to keep trying his pot luck

178 Happy

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Buddy the hang-gliding dog

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20 Scoop

29 Online

35 Picks & Pans

67 Insider

111 Passages

137 Style Watch

158 Puzzler

180 Chatter

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