February 28, 2000 12:00 PM

52 Cover

After nearly 50 years of sharing his artistry, pathos and humor, beloved Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz dies at 77, just hours before his final comic strip is published

60 Up Front

Police arrest Mark Bailey on charges that he has been stalking Suddenly Susan star Brooke Shields for years

65 Tragedy

The Valentine’s Day shooting of Columbine High School sweethearts Stephanie Hart and Nick Kunselman at a Subway shop has Littleton, Colo., reeling again

69 Tribute

Better known for his loves than his work, director Roger Vadim romanced some of the most beautiful women of his generation

71 Screen

French actress and model Virginie Ledoyen rides her first wave of superstardom as Leonardo DiCaprio’s paramour in The Beach

77 Dreamers

Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson has a new cosmic classroom: New York City’s $210 million Hayden Planetarium

80 Scene

There’s no business like snow business for Antarctic sanitation worker Jeffrey Ryan

85 Teachers

Ivan and Hans Hageman dreamed of starting a school in Harlem for at-risk kids, and JFK Jr. quietly helped make it real

91 On the Job

Valarie Williams, who traded high-fashion gowns for a U.S. Navy uniform, now bids her torpedoes a fond farewell

95 Introducing

Under her parents’ watchful eyes, Dyanne Iandoli portrays JonBenét Ramsey in a TV miniseries

97 Song

Guitar hero Carlos Santana makes a stunning return to pop prominence after almost 30 years out of the limelight

106 Crime

As four recent arrests show, it’s never too late for persevering detectives to snag murder suspects

115 Remembering

He rarely cracked a smile, but Dallas Cowboys football coach Tom Landry was actually warm and loving

116 Weddings

In a New Age affair, onetime bad boy Christian Slater ties the knot with former TV producer—and mother of his child—Ryan Haddon

118 Local Heroes

When Nottingham’s statue of Robin Hood, the prince of thieves, fell victim to vandals, help came from the unlikeliest of quarters

121 Where Are They Now?

As a stand-up comic, Little House on the Prairie’s Alison Arngrim pokes fun at nasty Nellie Oleson

125 Pols

Tough, athletic and low-key, Russia’s president-in-waiting Vladimir Putin bears little resemblance to predecessor Boris Yeltsin

128 Farewell

As Ernest, he was a master of slapstick, but off-camera, rubber-faced Jim Varney was no country bumpkin

133 Environment

Daniel Katz’s Smart Wood program is prodding the logging industry to turn over a new leaf

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