February 07, 2000 12:00 PM

58 Up Front

Fashion follies by Minnie Driver, Courtney Love and others made this year’s Golden Globe Awards more eye-popping than ever

73 In Court

The rich—and also the famous, like golfer Greg Norman—accuse Florida jeweler Jack Hasson of fleecing them of more than $80 million

79 Crusaders

Frank and Mary King fight in court and Congress to prevent fuel pipeline leaks like the one that killed their son Wade

83 Song

After splitting from his wife, Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes is on the mend with a new hit album for the Australian pop duo

87 In His Own Words

Web surfing can be fun—as long as you don’t drown, says Dr. David Greenfield, who believes millions are addicted to the Internet

93 Where Are They Now?

After plunging to pretend doom on L.A. Law, actress Diana Muldaur plunged into real life

98 Cover

Michael J. Fox stuns—and pleases—friends with his decision to quit Spin City to focus on his family and on fund-raising for Parkinson’s disease

107 Farewell

One of Hollywood’s golden era actresses, Hedy Lamarr, who died at age 85, was a European beauty with an added bonus: brains to spare

109 Kin

Her brother Billy made Titanic waves, but actress Lisa Zane is never happier than when she’s singing up a storm

111 Crime

Nearly a quarter century after the fatal beating of his 15-year-old neighbor Martha Moxley, Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel, 39, stands accused of her murder

120 Politics

When it comes to voting in the quadrennial presidential primaries, New Hampshire’s Neil Tillotson, 101, is at the head of the line

122 Style

To get gorgeous while you gab with the girls, grab the Jaqua sisters’ Beauty Parlor Night Kit

149 Reunion

Two decades after turning the world on with her smile, Mary Tyler Moore returns in a TV-movie sequel with Valerie Harper

163 Tribute

Jean MacArthur served her country and her general (Douglas MacArthur) before becoming a beloved fixture in New York City’s social swirl

167 Medics

Human infertility specialist Machelle Seibel uses his best bedside manner to help Boston’s primates reproduce

170 Arts

More than 60 years after artist Johannes Koelz fled Nazi Germany, his daughter Ava Farrington is struggling to unearth his many works

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