June 05, 2000 12:00 PM

52 Up Front

Faced with one of the most menacing wildfires in years, Los Alamos’s residents rose to the challenge

58 Braving painful memories of her late brother John, Caroline Kennedy presents the Profile in Courage Award in Boston

60 A two-week hospital stay, followed by a car accident, leaves Friends’ Matthew Perry facing questions about the state of his health

65 Split

After 13 years of good times, bad times and a front-page tabloid scandal, Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley call it quits

69 Tube

Doris Roberts mothers her Everybody Loves Raymond castmates, both on-camera and off

73 Controversy

Her parents and ex-manager trade charges over the handling of teen singer Charlotte Church-and her career

78 Verdict

A Manhattan jury finds mother-son killers Sante and Kenneth Kimes guilty as charged

83 Crusaders

Sixteen-year-old Anthony Colin sues for the right to form a school club to promote tolerance among gay and straight students

87 Family

Talk about long shots: Crystal and Richard Williams hit the baby jackpot twice—with two sets of triplets

91 To the Top

In his eighth NBA season, L.A. Laker Shaquille O’Neal finds himself ready for prime time at last

96 Cover

Former Saturday Night Live star Dana Carvey sues a heart surgeon over a botched bypass operation the comic claims slowed his career

104 Gold Star

North Dakotan Travis Schmidt completes 13 years of school—with perfect attendance

106 Farewell

Dame Barbara Cartland, who wrote romance novels that fueled a billion fantasies, dies at age 98

109 Style

Jazz singer turned manicurist to the stars Deborah Lippmann gives the beauty biz a classy polish

121 In His Own Words

We may think we have it all—but without spirituality we don’t, says Scotty McLennan in his book Finding Your Religion

125 Local Heroes

Grief-stricken over her son’s death, Peggy Myrick starts a petting zoo that gives joy to other children

130 Tribute

Whether playing Hamlet or Arthur’s butler, Sir John Gielgud brought a luster to his every role

133 Sequel

Police finally arrest two suspects in the 1963 Birmingham church bombing that killed four black girls

138 Jocks

Sarah Fisher, 19, becomes the youngest to make it to this year’s Indy 500

140 Oh, Baby!

Tony and Cherie Blair greet Leo, the first baby born to a sitting British prime minister in 150 years

142 Party

Winners like Rosie O’Donnell warmed the Daytime Emmy Awards

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51 Insider

95 Passages

113 Style Watch

118 Puzzler

144 Chatter

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