May 22, 2000 12:00 PM

58 Up Front

After his parents’ death in January’s Alaska Airlines crash, Jeff Knight takes up their work among Mexico’s needy

64 ER’s Noah Wyle and his makeup-artist love Tracy Warbin make over a California winery for their wedding

66 As Beverly Hills, 90210 fades to black on May 17, creator Aaron Spelling and his cast share a decade of memories

71 Wedding

Oscar winners Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton quickly and quietly tie the knot in Las Vegas

74 Animals

Ariel, a Saint Bernard, celebrates an early Mother’s Day—with a near-record 16 pups

77 Couples

Pro volleyballer and ex-model Gabrielle Reece met her buff, bronzed match in surfer Laird Hamilton

83 Tube

She sasses and scowls as The Practice’s receptionist, but offscreen, Marla Sokoloff can’t stop smiling

86 Teachers

mc [sup]2= Excitement for Brian Jones and the kids who love his mobile gross ‘n’ gooey Little Shop of Physics

88 To the Top

Real-life fireman James Hanlon burns up the screen in such TV shows as NYPD Blue

91 Crime

Crooks won’t make big bucks selling fossils on the black market if lawman Steve Rogers has his way

95 Winners

Oscar-nominee Russell Crowe, the vengeful ex-general in Gladiator, is no stranger to offscreen confrontations

101 In the Spotlight

Frequency’s Elizabeth Mitchell tunes up for her starring role in TV’s The Linda McCartney Story

111 Heirs

Watching her dad cope with fame almost kept Amy Hart Redford out of showbiz—but not quite

115 On the Move

After his son was shot to death, former Black Panther Bobby Rush rededicated himself to his cause: getting rid of guns

118 In the Money

With her hot-selling Baby Einstein products, Julie Aigner-Clark aims to give tykes a smart start

121 Help

Got a bear bearing down on you? Quick, read The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook

125 Body

When chemotherapy ravaged her skin, nurse Vincene Parrinello cooked up healing creams—and a booming business

131 Tribute

New York City says farewell to John Cardinal O’Connor, the nation’s preeminent priest

136 Cover

The grin was gone in Eyes Wide Shut, but in his much-awaited summer blockbuster Mission: Impossible 2—and in his private life—Tom Cruise is smiling again

145 Family

Siblings Heather and David Tom’s acting on The Young and the Restless could win them each a Daytime Emmy

161 Introducing

After tapping his heart out on Broadway, Dulé Hill puts his best foot forward on TV’s The West Wing

163 Controversy

Black agent Reginald Moore sues the Secret Service for bias

166 Farewell

Long before Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hercules star Steve Reeves turned muscles into moolah

169 Out of the Past

Pirate-ship salvager Barry Clifford may have reeled in his biggest catch—Captain Kidd’s legendary vessel

175 In Her Own Words

Can’t break the glass ceiling? CNN exec Gail Evans says women have to play tough to get ahead

180 Trends

Cranium, Julia Roberts’s favorite board game, turns players into thinkers

183 Mystery

Novelist Richard Klinkhamer was master of macabre plots—but none more twisted than the one he lived

191 Angels

Margo Manaraze touches her New Mexico town with “angelic” photos

193 Trouble

A year after the Columbine massacre, survivor and star athlete Greg Barnes commits suicide

194 Goodbye

Actor, writer and war hero Douglas Fairbanks Jr. led a charmed—and charming—life

197 Song

Pop’s new It Girl, Vitamin C, creates a sensation with her hit “Graduation”

198 Sequel

American history gets ready to sail again as Capt. Bill Pinkney takes the helm of the nearly reconstructed slave-carrying schooner Amistad

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