May 15, 2000 12:00 PM

68 Up Front

Singles like Rosie O’Donnell and Jodie Foster, as well as gay couples, are becoming parents—and challenging the traditional model of what makes a family

76 After keeping it under the hood for five months, Ashley Judd and race car driver Dario Franchitti announce their engagement

78 Author Germaine Greer survives a close encounter with a fixated fan

83 Update

The real-life Erin Brockovich is the target of a nasty extortion attempt—allegedly by some of her former nearest and dearest

86 Introducing

Mouth wide shut, James Le Gros tastes success as a brash oral-hygiene-obsessed lawyer on Ally McBeal

89 Controversy

TV sportscaster Donna de Varona sues ABC, claiming the network fired her because of her age

95 Crime

Awaiting trial for murder and more, Miami Beach club king and Madonna pal Chris Paciello trades the VIP room for house arrest

101 Trouble

New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani faces the toughest foe of his combative career: prostate cancer

107 Tube

Actress Julie Warner relishes her latest roles as wife, mother and feisty attorney Danni Lipton on CBS’s Family Law

111 In His Own Words

For those wrongly convicted, DNA testing can set things right, says attorney Barry Scheck

115 Tribute

From Fanny to 42nd Street, David Merrick did whatever it took to produce Broadway’s best

119 Where Are They Now?

Former skater, Ice Castles star and Bond girl Lynn-Holly Johnson takes a new career spin—this time as a screenwriter

126 Cover

Two years after splitting with Demi Moore, doting dad Bruce Willis is smarter, richer—and in a romance

135 Local Heroes

Rather than hoard his new wealth, Bay Area dot-com millionaire Anthony Parks shares it with old friends and family

139 Bio

Author Carl Hiaasen uses Florida’s fetid politics and furious greed as fodder for raucous, satiric novels such as his latest bestseller, Sick Puppy

147 Sequel

AIDS continues to ravage the young, but a decade after the death of Ryan White, his mother closes the foundation that bore his name

159 To the Top

Mixing petiquette with a dose of animal aerobics, Shelby Mario keeps stars’ pooches on their paws

163 Angels

Phil Van Poetsch’s New Start Furniture Fund gives’ a seat—and a bed—to the needy

169 First Ladies

Though reluctant to occupy the White House, Betty Ford turned into one of America’s most influential First Ladies

179 Family Feud

Comedian Leo Gallagher’s squabble with brother Ron, known as Gallagher II, is no laughing matter

183 Medics

Las Vegas fertility specialist Dr. Geoffrey Sher may have found a new use for Viagra

186 Scene

With a comic video, a “lonely” Bill Clinton makes fun of his last months as a lame duck

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