May 08, 2000 12:00 PM

the 50 most beautiful people IN THE WORLD 2000


Once merely a very pretty woman, Hollywood’s highest-paid actress has matured into a confident—and radiant—beauty

82 George Clooney

84 Faith Hill

86 Tom Cruise

88 Catherine Zeta-Jones

91 Ben Affleck

95 Bo Derek

100 Denzel Washington

102 Freddie Prinze Jr.

104 Jude Law

106 Neve Campbell

108 Henry Simmons

113 Amanda Peet

115 Rob Lowe

116 Goran Visnjic

120 Ananda Lewis

122 Galen Gering

124 Nia Long

128 Tracy Pollan

131 Amy Holmes

132 Cristián de la Fuente

136 T-Boz

138 Rupert Everett

141 Queen Rania of Jordan

143 Billy Campbell

144 Michelle Kwan

146 Jan-Michael Gambill

148 Soledad O’Brien

150 Ashley Judd

152 Tina Turner

155 Scott Erickson

157 Andie MacDowell

158 Charlize Theron

161 Ashton Kutcher

162 Alison Deans

165 Heather Graham

167 Ming Tsai

168 Candice Bergen

170 Nick Carter

173 Kate Dillon

174 Dylan McDermott

177 Iman

178 Ricky Martin

181 Blair Underwood

183 Shania Twain

185 Brooke Shields

187 Joshua Bell

188 Penélope Cruz

191 Matt LeBlanc

192 Hilary Swank

Thirteen athletes are attractive prospects for the American team headed for Sydney 2000

60 Up Front
Doctors operate on spina bifida baby Ethan Buchkovich—in the womb

66 Pierce Brosnan feels the strain as his son Sean is injured in a car crash

68 Ray Romano takes the hot seat on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

213 Angels
Teacher Jane Smith gives a kidney to student Michael Carter

216 Trends
For the inventors of Go Goddess!, bonding is in the cards

219 Tube
The rise of Mili Avital reads like a tale from Arabian Nights

221 Update
A resilient Elian Gonzalez gets re-acquainted with his father

224 Stage
Heather Headley earns royal raves as Broadway’s princess Aida

229 Crusaders
Horrified that children are dying by gunfire, Donna Dees-Thomases organizes the Million Mom March

233 Off the Job
With multitasker Seamus McSporran calling it quits, Scotland’s Isle of Gigha will have a labor shortage

234 Local Legends
America’s national symbol trusts in Jean Keene, who provides for 300 bald eagles in Homer, Alaska

238 Also Ran
When it comes to winning races, Zippy Chippy (86 losses) is a neigh-sayer

240 Song
The Daughters of St. Paul take their sister act on the Web

249 Voices
A year after the killings at Columbine, principal Frank DeAngelis describes a community’s pain—and hope

255 Introducing
Teen singer Jessica Andrews emerges as country music’s fresh new star

257 Wedding
Joan Lunden marries summer-camp executive Jeff Konigsberg

258 Scene
A convention of Lincoln impersonators? Abe-solutely!

4 Mailbag

8 Inside People

14 Star Tracks

24 Scoop

31 Online

35 Picks & Pans

59 Insider

211 Passages

242 Puzzler

245 Style Watch

260 Chatter

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