April 02, 2001 12:00 PM

54 Up Front

African-American stars are boffo at the box office—but they’re still facing hurdles in Hollywood

62 Although he created the Mamas and the Papas’ ’60s sound, the late John Phillips struggled to find inner harmony

67 Verdict

Sean “Puffy” Combs thanks God after his acquittal in a shooting case

70 On the Job

People writing to Juliet—yes, Romeo’s girl—receive sage responses from Giovanna Tamassia and crew

72 Tube

Teen talk show host Michael Essany chats up celebs in the comfort of his Indiana living room

75 Crime

Police say Brooklyn busboy Abraham Abdallah used the Web to swindle America’s rich and famous

78 Arts

Seton McGlennon captures life stories—including Oprah’s—on her hand-painted memory trunks

79 To the Top

With a starring role on That ’70s Show, Ukrainian immigrant Mila Kunis is living the American dream

83 Mystery

Roman Villarreal owns up to an act of stealth creativity: a Chicago mermaid

85 Pols

Barbara Mikulski scrapped her way from the streets of Baltimore to Senate female seniority

92 Cover

Thanks to actresses like Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore, curves are making a comeback in Hollywood

102 Goodbye

Glenn Hughes so loved being the Village People’s motorcycle man that he was buried in his trademark leather outfit

105 Controversy

Author Elinor Burkett contends that America’s parents are too often favored over the childless

119 Crusaders

Thousands of homeless children in Latin America find a bed—and a future—thanks to Bruce Harris

127 Bio

Over the years, Steve Martin has worn many arrows—actor, writer, funnyman, art collector. Now he’s trying to make Oscar crack a smile

135 Farewell

Sassy comedian Ann Sothern was the tube’s classic sitcom secretary

136 Scene

On location in Australia for TV’s remake of the musical South Pacific, Glenn Close mixed practical jokes with some serious vocalizing

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17 Scoop

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53 Insider

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111 Style Watch

116 Puzzler

138 Chatter

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