March 13, 2000 12:00 PM

60 Up Front

At age 12, Marissa Getting hasn’t let two heart transplants—the first when she was just 1 week old—slow her down

66 In a Michigan school a 6-year-old boy draws a .32-cal. handgun and fatally shoots his first-grade classmate Kayla Rolland, 6

68 Who wants to be a cohost with Regis Philbin? Not Kathie Lee Gifford, who announced that she’ll quit her morning talk show after 15 years of relentless peppiness

73 Verdict

With no small amount of anguish, Helen Harder and her fellow jurors acquit four white New York City police officers in the killing of Amadou Diallo

77 To the Top

As Carmela on The Sopranos, she’s married to the Mob. But Emmy winner Edie Falco’s only beef is with the fashion police

81 Teachers

To Robert Sullivan, a shiny red apple wasn’t good enough for his college teacher Larry Lease, but a bright-red sports car was

84 Split

Actor Nicolas Cage says his five-year marriage to Patricia Arquette was spent mostly apart

89 Update

Claiming his draft board was racist, Preston King fled the country. Granted a pardon 39 years later, King is finally welcomed home to Georgia

93 In Her Own Words

At the center of a one-ring circus, Darva Conger explains why marrying a multimillionaire on television was the dumbest thing she ever did

99 In Court

Following a doctor’s misdiagnosis and a burst appendix, Cindy Herdrich took her HMO all the way to the Supreme Court

104 Cover

After nearly two decades of pushing society’s buttons, a mellowed Madonna is pushing strollers as a single mother

114 Sequel

Once promising figure skater Tonya Harding makes the news again—this time for allegedly bashing her boyfriend with a hubcap

127 Angels

Others helped when paraplegic Paul Jackson was in need. Now he raises money for those who have nowhere else to turn

131 Trends

With artist David Freeman’s voodoo dolls, New York voters can really stick it to their two likely U.S. Senate candidates: Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani

133 First Ladies

As the love of her life battles Alzheimer’s disease, Nancy Reagan embraces—and excels at—her role as Ronald Reagan’s protective caregiver

143 In the Money

Lawyers Larry Flax and Rick Rosenfield cooked up California Pizza Kitchen—and now there’s no topping them

146 Wow!

How did Jennifer Lopez keep in place that barely there Versace gown she wore—if that’s the word—to the Grammys? A PEOPLE investigative report

148 Party

The Grammys delivered a double whammy: jaw-dropping necklines and a truckload of awards to comeback king Carlos Santana

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18 Scoop

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59 Insider

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118 Puzzler

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