September 06, 1999 12:00 PM

62 Up Front

Out of the horror of the earthquake in Turkey come stories of brave survivors and the heroes like Danny Bickham who saved them

68 His huge fortune gone, former Diff’rent Strokes star Gary Coleman declares bankruptcy at age 31

72 A back fracture adds to the litany of maladies in the life of Elizabeth Taylor

75 Inventors

Lambert Cissel’s Treegators bring life-giving water to drought-parched trees

77 Local Heroes

When Michigan contractor Bob Thompson sold his company for $422 million, he shared the wealth—with all 550 of his workers

81 Ailing

After many years of denial, talk show host Montel Williams is finally speaking out about his multiple sclerosis

85 On the Job

Dr. John Mullen’s adrenaline-pumping days are a blend of ER and Law & Order—and he couldn’t be more at peace

87 Where Are They Now?

Two decades after his sci-fi series ended, Battlestar Galactica’s Richard Hatch hatches a campaign to revive it on the big screen

93 Collectors

A lifetime of thrift-shop browsing has left Pittsburgh’s Alison Hoff with a very full house

95 Screen

He has played it rough on NYPD Blue and Oz, but in Runaway Bride, Christopher Meloni and comedy make a perfect marriage

99 Sequel

At 20, Kimberly Mays, America’s most famous switched baby, finds herself embroiled in a custody battle over her 2-year-old son

103 Helping Hands

Madonna Coffman’s Locks of Love gives wigs—and a respite from embarrassment—to kids who have lost their hair to disease

108 Cover

A year after the Big Split, Demi Moore is finding fun with her kids, a new companion—and the occasional girls’ night out

117 In the Money

Tim and Nina Zagat’s populist dining guides have made them food-world heavyweights

121 Angels

Thanks to animal rights activist Wallace Swett, chimps once used for military research will enjoy a peaceful retirement

125 Mystery

Lost in the New Mexico desert, Raffi Kodikian stabbed his friend Michael Coughlin. Was it a mercy killing—or murder?

133 Scene

For alfresco moviegoing in Baltimore’s Little Italy, nothing beats the view from John Pente’s window

135 In His Own Words

A study by Bernd Jiirgen Warneken confirms what all women know: Men don’t know where they’re going

139 Tube

After much kicking and screaming, Kelly Hu is attracting plenty of attention on Martial Law

145 Bio

TV game show host Bob Barker says all’s right with The Price is Right—and with his love life at age 75

152 Auction

All the things are the King’s at an upcoming auction of Elvis Presley’s belongings—from his first piano to his sixth-grade report card

6 Mailbag

10 Scoop

20 Star Tracks

27 The Way We Were

31 Picks & Pans

81 Insider

107 Passages

131 Style Watch

142 Puzzler

156 Chatter

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