August 30, 1999 12:00 PM

52 Up Front

As Columbine students begin a new school year near Littleton, Colo., those injured in last spring’s massacre face a host of hurdles

60 If you rezone it, we will sue: Becky and Don Lansing bicker with neighbors Rita and Al Ameskamp over what to do with the real Field of Dreams

65 Pols

In Washington, D.C., not-quite-divorced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has a new closest constituent: gal pal Callista Bisek

69 On the Job

Celebrated in The Perfect Storm as a top swordfish-boat captain, Linda Greenlaw writes her own memoir of life at sea

73 Tube

College student Ruthie Alcaide’s fed-up housemates on MTV’s The Real World gave her an ultimatum: Get counseling or get out

79 Out of the Past

Young Lorraine Wagner wrote Ronald Reagan a fan letter in 1943, and for more than five decades, he wrote her back faithfully

82 Kin

Liza Huber, Susan Lucci’s daughter, follows in her mom’s stilettoed footsteps with a role on the new soap Passions

84 In the Money

With the help of his small town, letter carrier Robert Poole delivers big on a new sports-trivia board game that’s not just for jocks

90 Cover

Like Julia Roberts, who sprints from the altar four times in Runaway Bride, six women reveal the desperation—and deliverance—that comes with backing out before the I dos

121 Split

Only 17 months into their marriage, romance novelist Danielle Steel heads for divorce from her fifth husband, a captain of finance

126 Discovery

When she first saw Albert Einstein’s brain in the trunk of a car, Dr. Sandra Witelson knew she was onto something special

129 Farewell

Less than a month after attending the burial of his cousin John Kennedy Jr., Anthony Radziwill loses a long battle with cancer

132 Book Bonus

A pictorial tribute traces the 20th century through the historic life and times of Great Britain’s 99-year-old Queen Mother

141 Happy

Happiness zealot Pam Johnson frowns on chronic complainers

143 Screen

Eleven-year-old Haley Joel Osment is dead-on as the kid with visions of the deceased in the spooky smash The Sixth Sense

144 Arts

Moo la la! The Cows on Parade exhibit has turned Chicago’s streets into a veritable milky way

6 Mailbag

10 Scoop

16 Star Tracks

25 The Way We Were

27 Picks & Pans

51 Insider

86 Style Watch

89 Passages

125 Puzzler

146 Chatter

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