December 31, 1999 12:00 PM

The 25 Most Intriguing People ’99

50 John F. Kennedy Jr., like his father, left the world grieving for what might have been

52 Ashley Judd put herself in Double Jeopardy onscreen and proved her mettle at the box office

54 Ricky Martin rose to pop’s top with his movie-star looks, gyrating hips and sexy Latino style

56 Serena Williams outplayed the rest to become a smashing success on the tennis court

58 Jesse Ventura wrestled political pundits to the mat as Minnesota’s brash new governor

60 Julia Roberts, Hollywood’s $20 million woman, racked up two more romantic hits

62 Dr. Robert Atkins got weight watchers living high on the hog—again—with his low-carb diet

67 George W. Bush, prodigal son no more, aimed to follow his father’s footsteps to the Oval Office

68 Sara Jane Olson, fugitive from California, lived an alleged double life as a Minnesota mom

70 Tiger Woods mastered his game with $6 million in wins and a place among golf’s greats

75 Bill Gates didn’t pass GO with the Justice Department but collected kudos for his philanthropy

76 Judge Judy ruled with a smart mouth—and became TV’s supreme jurist

78 Chris Spielman, forced to weigh football against the needs of his family, hung up his helmet

82 Jennifer Lopez, already a successful actress and spokesmodel, showed the world she can sing too

84 David E. Kelley proved that The Practice makes perfect, winning an Emmy for best drama as well as best comedy Ally McBeal

86 J.R. Rowing enchanted readers young and old with her Harry Potter tales of magic and Muggles

91 Lance Armstrong won cycling’s top race after facing down an even tougher challenge: cancer

93 JonBenét Ramsey remains a symbol of judicial failure as her murder goes unsolved

94 Bruce Willis used his Sixth Sense to show he didn’t have to die hard to scare up a hit

97 Mike Myers made it cool to be groovy with his shagadelic Austin Powers sequel

98 Pokémon, Nintendo’s quirky cast of pocket monsters, captivated kids and confounded parents

100 Brandi Chastain and her winning teammates scored a victory for soccer and women’s sports

102 Regis Philbin asked Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and a nation of trivia lovers answered the call

104 Dr. Martin Citron unlocked a chemical secret of Alzheimer’s disease

107 Hillary Clinton rebounded from Washington embarrassments with a New York State of mind

1 Mail

8 Inside People

12 Picks & Pans

Tom Hanks, Brooke Shields, Johnny Depp and other celebs—plus our critics—choose the year’s best TV shows, films, CDs and books

110 In His Own Words

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE, Bill Clinton talks about losing JFK Jr., supporting Hillary and rebuilding his legacy

118 Breakthroughs

Sixth Sense star Haley Joel Osment and tennis newcomer Alexandra Stevenson were among the fresh faces of ’99

137 PEOPLE Poll of the Century

who was the sexiest man of the past 100 years? The best-dressed woman? The biggest pop star? Americans choose

146 Sequels

Another chapter in the lives of Muhammad’s boxing daughter Laila Ali, refugee baby Amerikan, Popsicle the drug-sniffing pit bull, and more

178 Tributes

We say goodbye to Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Joe DiMaggio and others

195 The 9 Most Intriguing People of 999

They kept the Dark Ages from being too dreary

201 It Happened This Year!

Yes, really: Princes William and Harry came to the rescue; Warren Beatty waxed presidential; and Jerry Falwell outed a Teletubby

206 Puzzler

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