November 01, 1999 12:00 PM

68 Up Front

After a grand jury declined to file charges in the murder of JonBenét Ramsey, her parents—still suspects—try to get on with their lives

74 A Missouri library goes to court hoping to reclaim money from the estate of Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder

78 Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong’s greatest trophy is his newborn son, Luke David

83 Screen

American Beauty’s Annette Bening manages Warren Beatty, three kids and another on the way

89 Controversy

Threatened with eviction by the Mexican government, Pat and Tom McIntyre may lose their dream home

95 Where Are They Now?

Dynasty slickster John James slipped into a simpler life on a New York farm

98 Winners

Is blindness a deterrent to winning at Jeopardy!? Eddie Timanus says no—five times in a row

103 Inventors

Edinburgh’s Robbie Crawford has developed a device to defuse road rage

106 Introducing

Cristian de la Fuente sizzles on Family Law

113 Out of the Past

The sad tale of weatherman Isaac Cline and the 1900 killer Galveston hurricane comes alive in a new book

119 Family

Interracial couple Karen Wilson and Bill Sims survive a 10-part PBS documentary

125 Pols

Arizona legislator and gay advocate Steve May could face an Army discharge

132 Cover

Stranded at the South Pole, Dr. Jerri Nielsen needed help from friends and strangers to get home

141 In the Money

Making millions is child’s play for Toby Lenk, founder of online Pooh and Pokémon purveyor eToy

144 Style

Jonathan Adler’s exuberant pottery has fashion plates all awhirl

147 Body

Celebs love Carla Ciuffo and her hot-stone massage

151 Couples

Jack Nicholson is whispering terms of endearment to The Practice’s Lara Flynn Boyle

155 Coping

Film critic Roger Ebert misses Gene Siskel, but he’s content with the big picture

163 Royals

Princess Diana’s lover James Hewitt publishes his version of their affair

168 Sequel

A court orders American Airlines to pay Steven Spielberg’s sister and 12 other passengers $2.2 million

170 Trouble

A blaze ravages the Manhattan apartment of actress Elizabeth Ashley

175 Verdict

Country singer Johnny Rodriguez beats a murder rap

181 Party

At PEOPLE’S 25th-anniversary bash, Trisha Yearwood and pals honor Carole King

184 Arts

Sculptor Livio De Marchi tools around Venice in a boat he carved to look like a Volkswagen Beetle

6 Inside People

8 Mailbag

12 Scoop

20 Star Tracks

29 The Way We Were

31 Picks & Pans

67 Insider

111 Style Watch

131 Passages

172 Puzzler

188 Chatter

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