October 25, 1999 12:00 PM

58 Up Front

Kids in college? PEOPLE takes a look at amazing child prodigies—and at what can happen when they grow up

64 Scandal free, working hard and living happily with her ex, the Duchess of York feels focused at 40

73 Split

After nearly three years of marriage, Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, the mother of his two children, call it a day

76 Farewell

Basketball icon “Wilt Chamberlain, 63, dies of an apparent heart attack

79 Angels

To help his mom, Jonathan Weidberg, 12,,provides breast cancer researchers what they need—lab mice

81 To the Top

Ashley Judd is making tracks with racecar driver Dario Franchitti and getting a checkered flag at the box office for Double Jeopardy

86 In the Spotlight

At 18, Boy Meets World’s Danielle Fishel has a new movie, a new book—and a former boyfriend

91 Song

Meat Loaf reheats his career with a new CD, a tour and two new films, including Fight Club with Brad Pitt

93 Controversy

Marine Michael Metzig sacrificed his military career rather than take a controversial anthrax vaccine

97 Introducing

At 3’10”, actress Debbie Lee Carrington makes it big as Mini-Mini on The Drew Carey show

101 Tube

Her 40s are fabulous for Once and Again’s sensuous single, Sela Ward, who’s in fact married with children

107 Crime

Jennifer Bush, 12, was a poster child for health care reform. Now Kathy Bush stands convicted of causing her daughter’s ailments

116 Cover

As The Sixth Sense fills movie theaters, people who say they can contact the dead are gaining followers

131 Happy

She rose from poverty to stardom as a singer and TV’s Catwoman. At 72, Eartha Kitt’s still purring strong

138 Sequel

Six years ago they won the right to reclaim their Baby Jessica. Now Dan and Cara Schmidt are splitting

140 On the Move

Chaplain Charles Bolin, a clergyman at a Las Vegas hotel, brings the word of God to the heart of Sin City

143 In Her Own Words

Revisiting the war between the sexes, feminist author Susan Faludi now says it’s American men who are getting the shaft

149 Trouble

A school board votes to fire a popular teacher after he announced he’d become Dana Rivers—a woman

155 Tragedy

Torn between the family he adored and the mountains he loved, Alex Lowe lost his life in an avalanche

158 Family

Unfulfilled by the good life, Nick and Julie Bosustow sold their home and moved to Guatemala to help others

6 Mailbag

10 Scoop

18 Star Tracks

27 The Way We Were

29 Picks & Pans

57 Insider

111 Style Watch

115 Passages

128 Puzzler

164 Chatter

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