January 25, 1999 12:00 PM

56 Up Front

The retirement of the peerless Michael Jordan leaves shocked hoops fans reaching for their hankies—and for superlatives

64 The pressure is low and the adoration high for celebs like Tim Allen at Hollywood’s biggest popularity contest, the People’s Choice Awards

70 Breakup

Onscreen they star in Shakespeare in Love, but behind the scenes, Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow call off their romance

75 In the Spotlight

As the Clinton impeachment trial gears up, Chief Justice William Rehnquist will be the unflappable umpire at center court

82 Cover

Fizzy like Fergie, pretty like Di, Prince Edward’s fiancée, Sophie Rhys-Jones, may have one thing the other wives of Windsor didn’t: a shot at a lasting marriage

92 Winners

Bay Area high school basketball coach Ken Carter sidelines his own team until their grades pull up

95 Where Are They Now?

Mark Goddard, Lost in Space’s hunky pilot, finds a more down-to-earth challenge: teaching special ed

101 Tube

Playing a lawyer on The Practice, Steve Harris shows pit-bull tenacity, but to costars he’s just a puppy—and a prankster

107 Couples

Putting a breakup and a carjacking behind them, Hurlyburly’s Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn make a quiet life away from L.A.

115 Style

For special occasions, stars like Tom Hanks turn to stationery designer Marc Friedland for invitations that push the envelope

119 On the Job

With a Web site and a crusader’s zeal, Dr. Stephen Barrett aims to expose the dangers of health quackery

122 Split

While rocker Rod Stewart kept up his hobbies—including playing with trains—his marriage to model Rachel Hunter went off the track

4 Mailbag

10 Scoop

16 Star Tracks

23 The Way We Were

25 Picks & Pans

55 Insider

81 Passages

99 Style Watch

104 Puzzler

126 Chatter

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