June 07, 1999 12:00 PM

54 Up Front

Stars galore—including Susan Sarandon, Mel Gibson and Ben Affleck—let it all hang out in Cannes

58 Even in the name of love, Diana Ross couldn’t stop the breakup of her 13-year commuter marriage to Norwegian shipping magnate Arne Naess

62 Israel’s most decorated soldier, Ehud Barak, takes on his latest mission: leading—and healing—an embattled nation

69 Happy

Drew Carey’s Ryan Stiles makes it up as he goes along on his weekend job, Whose Line Is It Anyway?

73 Host

From Michelle Pfeiffer to Jim Carrey, Hollywood goes Fiji, thanks to multimillionaire David Gilmour’s South Pacific holiday haven

79 Style

Celebs who understand the power of understatement, such as Madonna, Cher and Gwyneth Paltrow, have made Mitchell Shrier’s Trashy Lingerie boutique a Hollywood hot spot

83 On the Move

No longer chasing Olympic gold—and recovered from a major injury—figure skater Tara Lipinski takes a spin on her favorite TV show

97 Tube

Former Playboy-bunny-turned-‘ 80s-drama-queen Susan Sullivan reinvents herself as a blue-blooded mom on Dharma & Greg

103 Local Heroes

Forklift rigger Matel Dawson is very giving; so far, he has donated $1 million to help others

104 Controversy

Postal worker Dee Martin was denied a promotion, but the folks in Starrucca, Pa., still insist that she’s first-class

107 Family

Olympic champion Florence Griffith Joyner may be gone, but her spirit lives on for her husband, Al, and 8-year-old daughter Mary

113 In His Own Words

Americans are clamoring for the new diet pill Xenical, but as the FDA’s Dr. Eric Colman explains, it’s no wonder drug

117 To Die For

Patrick Fant enlivens the funeral business with coffins covered in angels, golf greens and images of Elvis

120 Cover

At long last, the winner is…All My Children’s Susan Lucci, who finally takes home her first Daytime Emmy

130 Arts

Call it his yellow period: Artist Cosimo Cavallaro makes a masterpiece with a thousand pounds of melted cheese

133 Trouble

There’s only one marriage that New Hampshire’s hottest divorce lawyers Chuck and Caroline Douglas can’t seem to end: their own

138 In the Money

Nail polish king George Schaeffer made his fortune by going digital

141 Where Are They Now?

Max Baer Jr., reliving his TV role as dim dreamer Jethro Bodine, bets on a Beverly Hillbillies casino

145 Sequel

A half-century after World War II, ex-GI James Carroll found out he was a national hero—in Belgium

149 Crime

Grievously wounded, Georgette Smith died after asking to be taken off life support—leaving her mother in deep legal trouble

152 Ouch!

Sarah-Lou Reekie’s chemical-free insect repellent has Hollywood all abuzz

159 Update

Former child actors gather to mourn Dana Plato, a star of Diff’rent Strokes, whose death from a drug overdose has been ruled a suicide

163 Pages

Summer of ’42 made her a fantasy figure for adolescent boys, but actress Jennifer O’Neill’s life has hardly been a dream

169 Trailblazers of the Century

Julia Child takes a look at evolving taste buds, kitchen innovations and picky eaters

176 Tragedy

In the world of staged mayhem, the horror is all too real as wrestler Owen Hart plunges to his death

178 Animals

Montana ranchers Jack and Ann Hirschy have an extra mouth to feed: It belongs to Mike, their adopted moose

6 Mailbag

10 Scoop

16 Star Tracks

25 The Way We Were

27 Picks & Pans

53 Insider

119 Passages

155 Style Watch

156 Puzzler

180 Chatter

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