By People Staff
May 24, 1999 12:00 PM

58 Up Front

As a Kosovar baby is born in the U.S., aid workers struggle to clothe and feed refugees in the Balkans

64 Shel Silverstein, children’s author, poet, cartoonist, playwright and songwriter of unsurpassed whimsy, dies at 68

66 Faith Hill, Garth Brooks and the rest of Nashville went Hollywood at the 34th annual Academy of Country Music Awards

73 Pages

In her new autobiography, Emmy Award-winning The Practice actress Camryn Manheim tells the world, Wake Up, I’m Fat!

79 Update

Despite the hazing, Nancy Mace became the first woman grad of The Citadel

83 Activists

After being locked in her car’s trunk by robbers, Janette Fennell leads the campaign for emergency inside release latches

87 Teachers

Want to clown around in class? Fine with LaVahn Hoh, who teaches a college course on the circus

89 Angels

Having lost a grandson to AIDS, blue blood Frances Peabody helps found Maine’s first hospice

95 Style

His fairy-tale gowns—and jet-setting lifestyle—prove Valentino is still the fashion world’s most glamorous designer

101 Introducing

Life has been good to Poppy Montgomery. Just ask her sisters Rosie, Daisy, Lily and Marigold

103 Crime

According to Janice Trahan, Dr. Richard Schmidt threatened her with deadly consequences if she left him—then kept his promise

108 Local Heroes

Darell Hammond has made play his life’s work, building playgrounds for underprivileged kids

111 Animals

Teen movie director Alyssa Buecker’s actors require special handling (and lettuce)—they’re guinea pigs

116 Cover

Former Diff’rent Strokes star Dana Plato dies of an accidental overdose following a life marred by addictions and criminal behavior

125 To the Top

Lisa Ling wins the gen-X slot on The View that Debbie Matenopoulos left

126 Controversy

Was the $10 million Lotto ticket that waitress Tonda Dickerson got a gift? Four coworkers say no—and sue

147 Sequel

Paralyzed in a school shooting, Missy Jenkins still boogied at her Kentucky prom

155 Winners

Rana Raslan captured the title of Miss Israel—and the hearts of Arabs and Jews

159 Where Are They Now?

Ex-teen idol Rick Springfield survived dark days by choosing family over fame

163 Scene

With the closing of the leprosy hospital in Carville, La., Betty Martin leaves the home she came to love

170 Stage

The streets of New York City are alive with the sound of Richard Chamberlain, who is back on Broadway

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10 Scoop

18 Star Tracks

27 The Way We Were

31 Picks & Pans

57 Insider

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115 Passages

152 Puzzler

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