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Updated May 10, 1999 12:00 PM

68 Up Front
Still in shock, Coloradans mourn the dead and reflect on their brutal nightmare

76 Brooke, Whoopi and other stars kid around at a Kids For Kids carnival

207 On the Job
The play’s the thing for Barbara Butler, who crafts mock castles and spaceships

208 Spirit
In Washington State, Lutheran pastor Jack Kintner tends his far-flung flock by airplane

214 Bio
Full of tricks at 75, Marlon Brando continues to make us an offer we can’t refuse

221 Crime
British TV journalist Jill Dando is found shot to death at her front door

225 Book Bonus
In a witty new guide, Bill Cosby tells college grads the next test is in life sciences

231 Medics
A vaccine developed by Dr. Jean-Claude Bystryn may curtail melanoma

235 Crusaders
Teen activist Craig Kiel-burger is leading the fight against child labor

243 Environment
Climber Brent Bishop cleans up the world’s highest junkyard: Mt. Everest

247 Tribute
After six years of battling cancer, Harper’s Bazaar editor Liz Tilberis dies at 51

251 On the Move
At 89, Doris Haddock walks across the U.S. for campaign-finance reform

253 Oh, Baby!
Téa Leoni and David Du-chovny X-plore parenting

255 Happy
Former businessman Yoshihiko Kadokawa teaches the Japanese how to smile

256 Scene
If you appraise it, they will come. PBS’s Chubb’s Antiques Roadshow attracts would-be millionaires

6 Mailbag

12 Inside People

14 Scoop

24 Star Tracks

31 The Way We Were

35 Picks & Pans

67 Insider

213 Passages

239 Style Watch

240 Puzzler

260 Chatter



82 Michelle Pfeiffer Fabulous at 41, the Midsummer Night’s Dream girl reveals her cosmetic—and genetic beauty secrets

92 Ricky Martin

94 Lauryn Hill

96 Benjamin Bratt

98 Jaclyn Smith

102 Nicole Kidman

105 Ben Affleck

106 Kate Hudson

109 Rick Schroder

113 Cate Blanchett

114 Britney Spears

118 Carlos Moyà

121 Lucy Liu

122 Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

125 Taye Diggs

126 Burt Bacharach

129 Melina Kanakaredes

130 Jonathan Jackson

133 Michael Michele

134 Howie Long

136 Alek Wek

139 Joseph Fiennes

141 Jessica Biel

143 Tom Brokaw

144 Aimee Mullins

146 Monica

153 David Boreanaz

154 Emme

156 Matthew Perry

158 Meredith Vieira

160 Jon Stewart

162 Gena Rowlands

164 Christina Applegate

167 Stephan Jenkins

169 Gwyneth Paltrow

171 Josh Brolin

172 Daljit Dhaliwal

174 Toland Grinnell

176 Queen Latifah

178 Evan Bayh

180 Keri Russell

182 Matthew McConaughey

184 Andrea Casiraghi

187 Jennifer Lopez

189 Derek Jeter

191 Emmylou Harris

192 Jennifer Aniston

194 Jenna Elfman

197 Freddie Prinze Jr.

198 Sandra Bullock


They came from outer space—and the fine forms of Star Wars‘ Natalie Portman, Star Trek‘s Marina Sirtis, Starman‘s Jeff Bridges and more made the earth move