January 11, 1999 12:00 PM

54 Up Front

Danny Canal is back home, playing and eating again, after three quadruple-organ transplants and a six-year wait that turned him into an advocate for other recipients

58 After four people die in a fire that started in the apartment where Macaulay Culkin’s family lives, neighbors want some answers

60 Michelle Thomas of The Young and the Restless dies at age 30 after a valiant battle with cancer

62 As the only child in his remote Japanese village, Daiki Saito, 7, is the sole student in his public elementary school

69 On the Job

Hitting targets in Iraq, Lt. Kendra Williams becomes the first woman to fly a bombing mission for the U.S. military

72 Family

A joyful Nkem Chukwu delivers the first surviving set of octuplets; then one child dies, and a debate flares over fertility drugs

73 Screen

Starring with her beau Kenneth Branagh in The Theory of Flight, actress Helena Bonham Carter leaves her corsets in the drawer

78 To the Top

Math whiz Jason Robert and pal Eric Engstrom publish a popular book of nearly unsolvable problems

79 Angels

Small-scale dreamers get a big boost from philanthropist Mildred Leet, whose grants have helped start 70,000 businesses

83 On the Move

With his debut turn as a possessed jock in The Faculty, Usher is teaching the world he’s more than just a crooning teen idol

85 Local Heroes

Retired cleaning woman Regina Jennings dusts off a major donation for her former employer, grateful West Virginia University College of Law

87 Jocks

For Buffalo Bills linebacker Chris Spielman, the name of the game is no longer football but playing Mr. Mom

93 Stage

Chuck Harris is Hollywood’s real-life version of Broadway Danny Rose, a talent agent for whom virtually no talent is too outlandish

94 Cover

Lonely no more, Stepmom’s Julia Roberts finds happiness in the love of a good man, good friends and a good game of Celebrity

103 Out of the Past

A Southern Democrat and former governor, he was almost ejected from the White House. Bill Clinton? No. Andrew Johnson

109 Tribute

As Mr. Roper, Three’s Company’s grump, Norman Fell knew how to make his costars roll with laughter

117 In His Own Words

Dr. Stanley Fahn explains how researchers hope to combat the devastating effects of Parkinson’s disease

123 Comeback

Fresh from a 16-year hiatus, Blondie warms up for a new album, a tour and a reunion gig at the American Music Awards

130 Happy

Their stolen cement frog lawn ornament turned into a globe-hopping Christmas present for John and Gertrude Knight

133 Tube

Once TV’s best-known kung fu fighter, David Carradine fought his biggest battle by getting sober

138 Goodbye

Cosmetics pioneer Hazel Bishop invented kissproof lipsticks that can take a lickin’ and keep on stickin’

140 Party

Daring fashions by Donatella Versace and more stars than a planetarium helped make the Fire & Ice Ball a cosmic, and charitable, success

4 Inside People

6 Mailbag

10 Scoop

16 Star Tracks

23 The Way We Were

27 Picks & Pans

53 Insider

106 Style Watch

113 Passages

128 Puzzler

144 Chatter

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