December 21, 1998 12:00 PM

52 Up Front

Four decades after her father founded Disneyland, Diane Disney Miller sets the record straight about the man behind the Mouse

58 With a title like The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet, Dr. Bob Arnot’s new book was sure to sell—but some critics say it’s a case of untruth in advertising

60 As Welcome Wagon decides to stop making house calls, greeter Gretchen Wollerman says goodbye

65 Coping

Wedded or not, Carmen Electra says she still loves basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman

71 Tribute

One Life to hive’s Michael Zaslow, a symbol of courage for sufferers of Lou Gehrig’s disease, dies at 56

75 Family

Torn apart by World War II, Russian-born Anna Arabian and her daughter Ludmilla reunite after more than half a century

85 Angels

You can’t buy a used car from former salesman Brian Menzies—but he might give you one

91 Crime

Daniel Crocker’s Christian faith made him confess 19 years after he killed a young woman

97 In Her Own Words

In a new book about cosmetic surgery, author Joan Kron (who has been there) says getting your face lifted can also raise your spirits

104 Cover

The Girl Next Door? You should be so lucky. Football mom Meg Ryan tackles tough roles—and scores again with Tom Hanks

113 Pols

Dogged for years by rumors, Arianna Huffington’s ex-husband Michael discloses that he is gay

116 Arts

Onetime farmer Vollis Simpson conquers the art world with windmill creations made of scrap

119 Book Bonus

In the second volume of his biography of the rock star, Peter Guralnick details Elvis Presley’s fall from Graceland

129 In the Spotlight

Dawson’s Creek vixen Monica Keena churns up trouble onscreen—and inspires an offbeat fan following

133 Where Are They Now?

He spent the ’70s writing hits and the ’80s in a drug-addled haze, but now composer Paul Williams is clean and going country

136 Adventure

Proving he’s no desk jockey, Philip Lader, the American ambassador in London, walks Great Britain from end to end

139 Farewell

During his 32-year career in Congress, the Vice President’s father, former Senator Albert Gore Sr., was that rarity in public life, a principled politician

143 Pages

The author of the first Nancy Drew mysteries, 93-year-old Mildred Benson is celebrated, to her dismay, as a feminist pioneer

146 Scene

Lying stricken in her Massachusetts home, teenager Audrey Santo attracts pilgrims who believe she brines them closer to God

6 Mailbag

10 Scoop

18 Star Tracks

27 Picks & Pans

51 Insider

103 Passages

130 Style Watch

140 Puzzler

150 Chatter

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