December 14, 1998 12:00 PM

50 Up Front

Treating listless lovebirds and hurt hedgehogs is all in a day’s work for vets at one Georgia animal ER

58 Vermont’s Sam Burr thanks neighbors who helped run his family farm while he went to law school

63 Medics

Eugene Turner faces a murder rap for suffocating a baby he says was brain-dead

69 Farewell

Comedian Flip Wilson, who once turned his back on fame in favor of fatherhood, dies at 64

75 On the Job

Confessions of a Window Dresser author Simon Doonan puts celebs on display in his sassy, classy windows for Barneys New York

79 Winners

Spin City’s Connie Britton keeps the laughs on track as Michael J. Fox’s new foil

83 Family

Author Greg Sarris felt lost in his adoptive parents’ suburbia until he found roots as chief of his ancestral tribe

87 In the Money

Millennium marketeer Ken Walker has a head for numbers—01-01-00

88 Trends

This year’s must-have, can’t-find Christmas toy is the irresistible, multi-talented Furby

91 Crusaders

Ex-hooker Norma Hotaling fights prostitution as director of a program for men who pay for sex

95 On the Move

New Jersey trucking executive Walter Riley inspired G.O.D. on the highways

99 Style

Designer Susan Salzman bedazzles Hollywood tykes with her fanciful furniture

103 Adventure

Montana author Jon Turk pushes the limits of human endurance across forbidding stretches

109 Body

Patrick Avon’s Army-style workout includes push-ups outside fast-food joints

113 Tube

Stand-up Kevin James hits pay dirt as a working-class guy in his CBS sitcom The King of Queens

117 Teachers

In Detroit high schools, Terry Blackhawk sparks creativity and a true love of poetry in her students

121 Jocks

It’s not your typical wrestling name, but Bill Goldberg is the sport’s new king

126 Cover

The search for JonBenét Ramsey’s killer has reached a critical point

135 Angels

Architects build for charity at CANSTRUCTION

139 Pages

Authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins hit it big with their novel of the Second Coming

143 To the Top

Speech therapist Sam Chwat helps stars sound unlike themselves

147 In Her Own Words

Amy Smithson says we have to prepare for chemical attacks by terrorists

153 Where Are They Now?

Happy Days are here again for Donny Most, now content as a director and father

157 Cupid

It’s in the phrasing, says Susan Fox, who writes personals for clients seeking love

159 Environment

From the seeds of ancient trees, Jeff Meyer keeps history alive

173 Bio

Dick Van Dyke muses on the good times with Mary Tyler Moore and hard times with alcoholism

183 Out of the Past

High-end vintage outfits lure Hollywood stars to Rita Watnick’s Lily et Cie

186 Gallery

Philippe Halsman prompted Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to jump for joy

4 Mailbag

10 Scoop

16 Star Tracks

25 Picks & Pans

49 Insider

125 Passages

169 Style Watch

170 Puzzler

192 Chatter

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