October 19, 1998 12:00 PM

58 Up Front

The U.S. has become home to a host of foreign royals, and many (like Ugandan prince Amoti Nyabongo, a Brooklyn cop) have regular jobs here

66 Jerrie Cobb once came close to becoming NASA’s first woman astronaut. Three decades later she says she is still ready for her countdown

73 Weddings

Today coanchor Matt Lauer, once considered the most eligible bachelor in TV news, takes model Annette Roque as his bride

76 Introducing

Starring as a boy with dwarfism in Simon Birch, Ian Michael Smith proves that good things come in small packages

79 Crime

After living under suspicion for four years, Rabbi Fred Neulander is arrested in the murder of his wife

85 Kin

As a soap-opera actress, Jaime Nicole Dudney is singing a different tune from her mother, country star Barbara Mandrell

88 Stage

Cal Ripken’s streak has ended, but long-playing actress Catherine Russell’s goes on—and on, and on

91 Controversy

Two New England towns lambaste each other over who really wrote “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

95 Inventors

Banned from wearing his cowboy hat on worksites, Bret Atkins came up with a hardheaded solution: a western hard hat

99 Out of the Past

Formerly a private floating palace for Queen Elizabeth and her family, the retired royal yacht Britannia is now welcoming tourists

107 Bio

Dorothy Height, the lone woman among the top leaders of the civil rights movement, is still on a mission at age 86

113 Trouble

His fashion label didn’t make it, but designer Isaac Mizrahi—who has his sights set on Hollywood—is anything but undone

116 Tribute

With a six-gun and a song, TV and movie star Gene Autry galloped to the top on a horse named Champion; the cowboy tycoon dies at age 91

119 In His Own Words

Dr. Xavier Pi-Sunyer thinks that the new health guide lines will make Americans, already overweight in record numbers, obsess about fat

128 Cover

Unlike Friends’ Monica, who is having a secret affair, actress Courteney Cox is openly attached—and engaged—to her Scream costar David Arquette

137 Jocks

He overcame drug woes to have a magical season, but New York Yankees slugger Darryl Strawberry now faces a real curveball—colon cancer

141 Angels

How does Dana Kressierer get hundreds of people to volunteer for community service? By recruiting only singles in search of dates

145 On the Job

Angelenos like Madonna and Spielberg have a weapon against stalkers—Deputy D.A. Rhonda Saunders and her team

152 On the Move

Tace Chalfa finds money in old sneakers—by selling them to the Japanese

155 Sequel

With a newfound film career at 72, wacky TV comedian Soupy Sales is up to his old tricks again

161 Farewell

Onscreen since childhood, and in a life devoted to camaraderie, actor Roddy McDowall never failed to charm. Hollywood loses the best friend it ever had

167 Teachers

Panning for artistic gold, famed choreographer Eliot Feld auditions 35,000 New York City public-school kids every year

172 Pols

Ex-Vermont dairy farmer Fred Tuttle confounds the political pros by winning a Senate primary at 79 without deep pockets or policies

175 Happy

Once Hollywood’s leading ladies’ man, Stargate’s Richard Dean Anderson settles in with his girlfriend and new baby daughter

178 Spirit

San Francisco’s Bishop Franzo Wayne King runs a church dedicated to love, spirituality—and jazzman John Coltrane’s music

180 Party

The Museum of Television & Radio exhibited exemplary taste in honoring Jerry Seinfeld and David E. Kelley

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