February 09, 1976 12:00 PM

4 Mail

8 Up Front

Hubert Humphrey talks about Nixon, Ford, Johnson, Reagan and, of course, Humphrey

Mary Tyler Moore celebrates a bicentennial—in Russia

William T. Coleman will decide if the Concorde can touch down in the U.S.

21 In the Money

Golfer Sandra Palmer is little, but her bank balance is not

24 Split

Mickey and Sherri Spillane end their live-apart marriage

26 For a Song

Morris (Feelings) Albert is music’s rookie of the year

28 Spirit

Reverend Gordon Clarke runs a hotline to Heartbreak Hotel

31 Couples

Tom McGuane and Margot Kidder have it made in the 92° shade

39 Star Tracks

45 Lookout

46 Bio

Artist Maurice Sendak creates a world that captivates children

50 In Style

Sassy superjock Suzy Chaffee’s newest cause is sports-for-all

54 People Puzzle

55 Inventors

Raymond Kurzweil makes books talk for the blind

56 In Her Own Words

Don’t be coerced into having children, pleads author Ellen Peck

60 Arts

Artist Blue Sky’s Tunnel Vision mural is a traffic-stopper

62 Jocks

Bunny Levitt is a basketball legend—at 5’4″

65 Host

Violinist Sergiu Luca plays chef for a Mandarin banquet

69 Adventure

Was John, an African 7-year-old, raised by apes?

70 Medics

Pediatrician Richard Feinbloom is a rebel with many causes

72 Chatter

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