May 24, 1976 12:00 PM

2 Mail

16 Up Front

Mt. Everest’s conqueror Edmund Hillary builds hospitals and schools in Nepal

The powers of Motor City powwow with Jimmy Carter

It’s a great day for U.S. governors in Ireland

27 In His Own Words

Chase’s David Rockefeller tells why he thinks the press and Congress are out to get the banks

33 Star Tracks

Mel Tormé and Chita Rivera

America’s Junior Miss

Runner Dick Gregory

Prince Charles in command

Chief Justice Warren Burger

Recovered alcoholics Wilbur Mills, Garry Moore, Dick Van Dyke and Buzz Aldrin

41 Over the Tube

Unlike The Fonz, Henry Winkler’s no easy rider

49 Couples

Bob Radnitz & Joanna Crawford try divorce, Hollywood-style

59 On the Move

The Duke and Duchess of Bedford grace an Ohio town with a familiar name

63 To the Top

France gets its first Madame General

64 Off the Screen

Springtime is swingtime when Fred Astaire dances again

66 Bio

Earl Blackwell has a beautiful life with the Beautiful People

72 Jocks

Al Hrabosky’s most dangerous weapon is a mad ball

74 In Style

Phyllis Keitlin brings Moroccan chic to the T-shirt craze

76 On Stage

Dame Margot Fonteyn finds being 57 full of surprises

80 Lookout

De-bugger Dan Patrick

Photographer Amy Hobby

83 Sequel

Pro football misfit Joe Don Looney plays a new tune

84 Inventors

A Chicago physicist photographs atoms in action

86 Happy

Tyrone Power’s daughter Romina records a European hit

88 People Puzzle

91 Arts

Pop artist Claes Oldenburg readies a 45-foot Clothespin

92 Chatter

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