May 17, 1976 12:00 PM

4 Mail

16 Up Front

Eight ex-Vietnam POWs reflect on their adjustment to U.S. life

Janet Guthrie races toward the Indy 500

Givenchy brings Paris haute couture to New York

A Howard Hughes heir or not, Melvin Dummar finds fame has its pitfalls

29 Lookout

Inventor Jeff Smith

Energy coordinator Lee Post

32 Sequel

Once was not enough for Pam Sarnoff—so she set another travel record

35 Off the Screen

Goldie Hawn and comic rocker Bill Hudson are makin’ whoopee

41 Out of the Pages

Steinbeck’s widow bares the novelist’s life in letters

49 In His Own Words

Geophysicist James Whitcomb says a California quake is coming—within the next 12 months

56 Star Tracks

Jane Fonda

Lady Bird’s round-up

Mary Hartman busted

Sir Harold Wilson

Liz visits Broadway

60 Host

Bobby Short is the champagne singer who serves pigs’ feet

65 Couples

If the Severins are right, America is an Irish colony

71 For a Song

Chris McVie of Fleetwood Mac: on the charts—and the rocks

77 Bio

In the spring, America’s fancy turns to Thalassa Cruso

82 Crime

American prisoners in Mexican jail form a ballet company

84 Medics

Psychiatrist Arnold Mandell vs. the San Diego Chargers

86 Party

Stars pay tribute to Mr. Theater—88-year-old George Abbott

88 Spirit

A Florida preacher buses his flock to imprisoned loved ones

93 Teacher

Bill Brisby trains domestic Tarzans to handle wild animals

98 People Puzzle

99 Arts

Carol Wald paints a new Spirit of ’76

102 Chatter

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