By People Staff
April 19, 1976 12:00 PM

4 Mail

12 Up Front

The Pentagon’s Donald Rumsfeld moves onward, upward and some say Veep-ward

There’s a pregnant woman in Ali’s life and it’s not his wife

The many women in Howard Hughes’s mysterious life

Scoop Jackson livens the political circus

23 On Stage

Rhoda’s man lams with Phyllis, but it’s legit (theater)

24 In Trouble

Actress Bibi Andersson loves Sweden, but not her tax man

26 In the Money

Rio-based H. Stern is the king of colored gems

32 Star Tracks

Kissinger jettisoned?

Lowell Weicker

Linda Blair

Pope Paul

Solzhenitsyn in Spain

David Bowie busted

39 Host

Denver taxidermist Jack Jonas mounts a big-game feast

45 Couples

How one woman made two circus catches—at the altar

51 Bio

Mr. Veeck’s bad boy Bill returns to baseball

56 Lookout

Traveling saleswoman Michelle Brenner

Princeton trustee Eugene Lowe

59 Out of the Pages

Audrey Rose’s reincarnation gives Frank De Felitta a best-seller

65 Happy

A charwoman’s broadcasts banish the St. Louis blues

66 Party

All the President’s Men premieres as a tale of two cities

68 In Her Own Words

Eleanor McGovern knows the trauma of being a candidate’s wife

73 Over the Tube

Kojak’s on McCloud Nine—Telly’s got a Derby contender

78 People Puzzle

80 Spirit

A well-traveled priest brings home the message of hunger

82 Sequel

How Ollie Atkins photographed Nixon’s last White House night

84 Chatter