June 15, 1998 12:00 PM

56 Cover

Phil Hartman, the gentle master of mimicry, dies in a gruesome murder-suicide

64 Up Front

Cindy Crawford weds nightclub owner Rande Gerber in the Bahamas

71 On the Move

At 67, Elbert Loewenstein walks 1,000 miles to his 50th high school reunion

73 Tribute

Conservative political pathfinder Barry Goldwater, who died May 29 at 89, stayed true to himself

77 Screen

At 10, Hope Floats star Mae Whitman has adult fans like George Clooney

81 Sequel

In 1963, Barry Keenan kidnapped Frank Sinatra Jr. Then he got paroled and became a millionaire

89 Trouble

Florida probers say treasure hunter Mel Fisher has been selling counterfeit coins

92 Winners

Kathleen McGowan socks it to her rivals in a plastics recycling contest

95 Kin

Merlin Holland comes to terms with his controversial grandfather Oscar Wilde

99 Family

Nearly 28 years after Paul Brady donated a kidney to his brother Bill, his remaining kidney shuts down

102 To the Top

Designer Holly Hardwick’s tiaras are a beauty queen’s crowning glory

105 Happy

When neuroscientist Dr. Jaak Panksepp listens to his lab rats, it’s a laugh riot

108 Party

Minnie Driver, Jim Carrey and Jennifer Lopez light up the MTV Movie Awards

113 Pages

In Reading People, high-profile jury consultant Jo-Elian Dimitrius says faces can speak volumes

117 On the Job

Candlemakers Michael and Lynette Richards light the way for their homeless and handicapped employees

121 Angels

Puppeteer Gary Jones shows kids how not to fight

127 Crime

Militia-group infiltrators Dale and Connie Jakes help bring leaders of the Freemen to trial

131 Couples

The X-Files’ David Duchovny and Deep Impact’s Téa Leoni celebrate their first anniversary

141 Split

After 28 years, there’s a divorce storm rising for bestselling techno-thriller writer Tom Clancy and his wife, Wanda

146 Boo!

Biologist Carrie Hunt is scaring bears into a healthy respect for people

149 Controversy

Teenage mother and A-student Amanda Lemon fights rejection from her high school’s chapter of the National Honor Society

153 Body

Model-gym-owner Michele Hicks fuels interest in Pilates, the latest fitness craze among superslim celebs

157 Update

Brian Bauman successfully fought off cancer to realize one of his lifelong dreams: to graduate from the U.S. Air Force Academy

159 Spirit

Retired physician Robert Cosby strives to become a healer of souls by sending a video about Jesus to every household in Alabama

160 Reunion

Down-on-his-luck pioneer dancer Arthur Bell Jr. finds his family after 42 years

6 Mailbag

10 Scoop

20 Star Tracks

27 Picks & Pans

55 Insider

107 Passages

125 Style Watch

138 Puzzler

164 Chatter

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