June 01, 1998 12:00 PM

48 Cover

Frank Sinatra spent his last year frail and housebound, but the lush voice and lusty style that defined an American century will live on, from here to eternity

66 Trouble

Since being fired as Miss Colorado last December, Regina Flores has fought hard to win back her crown

69 In His Own Words

Plastic surgeons such as Dr. William J. Binder are injecting thousands with tiny measures of Botox—a deadly toxin—to smooth out those worry lines

73 Jocks

Curt Schilling throws smoke past baseball’s best hitters, but now he faces a tougher challenge: giving up smokeless tobacco

76 Anniversary

Forty years after he published his first boiled-down Shakespeare, Clifton Hillegass’s Cliffs Notes are the gold standard for distilled literature

83 Update

Lou Gehrig’s disease took soap actor Michael Zaslow’s voice. But now, aided by technological wizardry, he’s speaking out again on One Life to Live

89 Pages

In France one of the hottest new celebrities is novelist Mazarine Pingeot, love child of the late President Francois Mitterrand

93 Engaged

Matt Lauer, Today’s coanchor, has found a fiancée to share his sunsets: Dutch model Annette Roque

96 Angels

Mechanical-miracle worker Mike Stange helps fellow churchgoers get their motors running—and he does it free of charge

100 Happy

People like former wine distributor Phil Glebe and ex-attorney Pam Sherman gave up lucrative livings to pursue their dream lives

106 Rescue

Train conductor Robert Mohr stretches off the front of a moving freight train to boot a 19-month-old Indiana girl to safety

109 Tribute

With a book published in 1947, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, dead at 108, added the Florida Everglades to the list of America’s natural treasures

115 Sequel

Charged with her polo-player lover’s murder, heiress Susan Cummings stuns Virginia’s horsey set once more—by landing a 60-day jail term

119 Heroes

The January bombing of a Birmingham, Ala., abortion clinic shattered Emily Lyons’s body—but not her determination

123 Tube

Whatever Ally McBeal is thinking, singer Vonda Shepard is probably voicing in her role as the TV show’s one-woman Greek chorus

126 Family

When Texas teenager Andrew Olsen qualified to join the ranks of the high-flying Eagle Scouts, he found himself in good company: his eight older brothers

131 Controversy

Diana Diaz de Veer’s car was crushed by a sport utility vehicle. In a ground-breaking suit, she claims SUVs are a driving hazard

136 Scene

Rosie, Oprah and soap’s biggest and brightest stars salute their own at the Day-time Emmy Awards

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10 Scoop

16 Star Tracks

25 Picks & Pans

47 Insider

80 Style Watch

99 Passages

128 Puzzler

138 Chatter

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