September 01, 1975 12:00 PM

4 Mail

6 Up Front

Ted Kennedy leads a pint-sized clan into the hills

Big names chase big money on the lecture circuit

Generalissimo Franco’s nephew Nicolás pushes fearlessly for reform in Spain

Frenetic David Frost prepares the Dick ‘n’ David show

21 Winners

Karren Stead becomes the first female Soap Box Derby champ

22 Couples

Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson sizzle on screen and at home

26 Arts

Sculptor Henry Moore is preparing a splendor on the grass for his countrymen

31 Bio

Princess Grace faces her problems with royal serenity

36 In Style

Among models Zoli is “the Svengali of the Strange”

40 People Puzzle

42 Medics

Wilmot, Ark. gets a Vietnam doc, but will he stay?

44 Jocks

Fred Lynn and Jim Rice are baseball’s hottest rookies

46 For a Song

Founding fiddler Bill Monroe enjoys the boom in true bluegrass

53 Star Tracks

King Kong meets Lorna Luft

Jimmy Carter

Jack Ford and houseguest

Gardener Michael Caine

James Stewart and Henry Fonda

Super-miler John Walker

Walter Reuther’s and Henry Ford’s kin

56 In the Money

Rolls-Royce king Charles Crail won’t sell just anyone a used car

58 Sequel

Jon Erikson breaks his dad’s Channel swim record

60 In Her Own Words

Psychologist Alida Glen has the odds on curing gambling: bad

66 Happy

Glenn Yarbrough follows the siren song of the sea

68 Chatter

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