July 28, 1975 12:00 PM

4 Mail

6 Up Front

The widow of CIA suicide Frank Olson tells her tragic story

Liberace goes up, up and away

Chrysler management’s 1975 models

Gov. Hugh Carey’s kids become a family of innkeepers

Martha Mitchell buys and sells clothes

19 Couples

Two fed-up New Yorkers escape profitably to the Riviera

22 Star Tracks

David Carradine

Empress of Iran meets John Lindsay

Senator Proxmire totes garbage

Miss USA

24 To the Top

Gen. “Chappie” James: a patriot wins a fourth star

31 Lookout

Diver Greg Busch

Singer Nancy Nevins

32 On the Move

A Canadian co-ed finds campus life at Peking U. a bit dull

34 Adventure

A boat named Extremely Dangerous lives up to its name

36 Host

Alejandro Orfila is the social summit on Embassy Row

43 In His Own Words

Chicago crime expert Charles Siragusa talks about whodunit in the Sam Giancana murder case

46 Off the Screen

Candy Bergen’s unlucky in love, but the rest is swinging

52 People Puzzle

54 Medics

Lawyer, sailor, chef and medical examiner—that’s John Feegel

56 In Style

At Vic Braden’s tennis camp, each learner hits 2,286 balls a day

60 Teacher

In Maine Dick Davis makes sun and wind work for him

62 Sequel

Jerry Schneider, an electronics expert, turns from crime to tracking criminals—and makes a million

64 Bio

Impresario Joe Papp is America’s premier theater man

68 Chatter

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