December 29, 1975 12:00 PM

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16 The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1975

Betty Ford puts the fun in being First Lady

Richard Zanuck and the greatest fish story ever told, Jaws

Teamster boss Fitzsimmons is no Jimmy Hoffa

Even in prison Charles Manson incited violence

Pat Moynihan is a tough infighter at the U.N.

Sociologist James Coleman finds busing is backfiring

Indira Gandhi thinks she knows what’s best for India

Cher Bono Allman stars in Three for the Seesaw

Andrei Sakharov struggles on for justice

The new Red star in China is Teng

Patty Hearst: frightened victim or terrorist?

Christina Onassis takes Ari’s empire and a husband

Ex-Sgt. Leonard Matlovich becomes a gay rights’ crusader

Dolly Parton is Nashville’s Woman of the Hour (glass)

Fred Lynn, big swinger from Boston

Frank Borman gives new lift to “The Wings of Man”

Millions love Rosemary Rogers’ erotic gothics

Werner Erhard is the Gucci-clad guru of est

Woody Allen turns guilt to gelt

Marabel Morgan dotes on being the total woman

No labels, please, on Governor Jerry Brown

Don King, the big winna of the thrilla in Manila

Hercule Poirot is dead and Agatha Christie done it

Trial and triumph for Egypt’s Anwar Sadat

Gelsey Kirkland is America’s newest prima ballerina

76 Sequel

A second look at some of those whose lives have changed since PEOPLE covered them in 1975—among them, Dick Swanson’s Vietnamese family who fled here from Saigon


90 Losers

Psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers offers some advice to 10 famous figures who suffered misfortunes during the year. Familiar sad faces include Hugh Hefner, Jackie Onassis, Howard Cosell and Nelson Rockefeller

99 Personalities to Watch

Pages: autobiographies, novels, comment and history from the likes of Doris Day, Erich Segal, B.F. Skinner and Gore Vidal

Jocks: Olympic hopefuls Bruce Jenner, Sheila Young, Tim Shaw, Teofilo Stevenson, Ludmilla Tourischeva and others

Tube: James Arness gets another shot; bionic Lindsay Wagner, sexual sports, Bicentennialmania

Arts: Katharine Hepburn’s coming back to Broadway; Rudolf Nureyev and Martha Graham, Carter Brown and other cultural contributors

Screen: Robert DeNiro’s de most; David Carradine, Audrey Hepburn, Truman Capote, Geneviève Bujold, Bianca Jagger

Song: La Streisand follows a new lieder; Emmylou Harris, Chaka Khan, Patti Smith, Don Williams, Grover Washington Jr., the terrible Tubes

121 Would-Be First Ladies

A Chinese face-reader finds new wrinkles about the women who may move into the White House, including Cornelia Wallace, Nancy Reagan and Muriel Humphrey

126 People Puzzle

A full-page holiday bonanza to ring in the New Year

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