December 01, 1975 12:00 PM

3 Mail

8 Up Front

Jimmy Carter emerges as a serious Democratic entry

Justice Douglas’ wife, Cathy, looks forward to a more normal life

To Israeli Ambassador Herzog, the U.N. is a battleground

Rita Carpenter defects as a G.O.P. snoop

Won Ton Ton celebrates a dog day evening

21 Winners

A record 72 straight victories for superstitious Hudson High

22 In Style

Grace Jones purveys chic deep in the heart of Texas

27 Star Tracks

George Bush swings

Miss Cuba puffs

Fyodorova Frisbees

Betty Ford busses

Colbert and Bacall zing

33 Happy

Murray the K resurfaces—this time hustling the Hustle

34 Bio

In The Sunshine Boys, George Burns boffos at a tender 79

47 Jocks

Houston McTear owns two of the fastest feet in the world

51 Couples

Julia and Paul Child share a lusty marriage a la mode

56 People Puzzle

59 Teacher

Hollywood mutters magnifique to Michel Thomas’ school

63 Sequel

Ex-pitcher Don Newcombe cuts alcoholism off at home plate

64 Arts

At 75, composer Aaron Copland still makes music and money

69 Out of the Pages

Lawyer-author George V. Higgins wades into Watergate

72 Adventure

Peter Byrne has stalked the legendary Bigfoot for five years

74 Spirit

Corrie ten Boom’s escape from a Nazi death is told on film

76 In His Own Words

A Harvard economist discounts the bottom line on college

83 For a Song

Stanley Clarke rocks jazz with his two-bass hits

86 Chatter

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