November 24, 1975 12:00 PM

4 Mail

12 Up Front

Ex-Watergate counsel Sam Dash fills in the gaps on the Nixon tape

Craig Claiborne eats the “meal of the century”

The new mayor in Ford’s hometown wants to save New York

A tribute to Lillian Hellman

23 Bio

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar puts on a happier face

29 Star Tracks

32 Medics

Ex-pianist Annamaria Nucci uses music’s charms in psychiatry

35 Crime

Farmer Edward Briney sues the neighbors who helped him

43 In the Money

Peter (Jaws) Benchley writes another moneymaker

44 Off the Screen

Jeff Bridges wins hearts in and out of the West

49 Sequel

The Shadow slinks back in books and on radio

50 In Style

One of Italy’s Agnelli clan remembers growing up rich

55 Couples

Jennifer O’Neill’s new mate is her maestro, Nick De Noia

61 Party

Caroline loves the life in London, but Mama wants her home

62 To the Top

HEW’s David Mathews is an Alabama egghead, ascending

64 On the Move

Convicted murderer Warren Kimbro is now Dean Kimbro

66 In Her Own Words

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is sure there is life after death

71 Arts

Conductor James DePreist fought and won—an orchestra

74 People Puzzle

77 Lookout

78 Spirit

Sister Mary Olympia looks back over 57 years of service

80 Chatter

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