November 10, 1975 12:00 PM

4 Mail

10 Up Front

Students of JFK’s murder await the reopening of a mystery that won’t disappear

Iron Eyes Cody is TV’s weepy-eyed environmentalist

A full court of tennis royalty unwinds at Hilton Head

Chuck and Lynda Bird Robb’s housewarming

23 For a Song

Bob Dylan puts protest songs—and himself—back on the street

36 Over the Tube

Eddie Egan makes an American Connection on Joe Forrester

43 Medics

Dr. Ken Cooper’s aerobics disciples run for their lives

47 Bio

Brawls behind him, Norman Mailer spars with his magnum opus

53 In Trouble

Lisa Gerritsen, Cloris Leachman’s TV daughter, takes a dive

54 Sequel

After five years in a Turkish prison, Billy Hayes comes home

59 Lookout

Authors Polly and Rachel Donnison

Fencer Thomas Bradley

60 Spirit

Quadriplegic Joni Eareckson finds faith and a thriving business

62 Star Tracks

Jeanne Moreau shoots

Caroline Kennedy’s narrow escape

Bobby Hull’s protests

Jack Benny’s violins

64 Teacher

Archeologist Stuart Struever unearths history in a cornfield

66 In Her Own Words

Rape is a political issue to feminist Susan Brownmiller

74 People Puzzle

75 Couples

The wizard of the Osmonds: their stage Mother and Dad

78 Chatter

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