By People Staff
October 06, 1975 12:00 PM

4 Mail

10 Up Front

Nancy Kissinger relaxes her globe-trotting husband with domestic diplomacy

Philadelphia Eagles inhabit a hairy eyrie

Capitol lawmakers hold their own Olympics

The mystery woman who unwittingly helped the FBI break the Patty Hearst case—four women in California who took trips into terror

27 Star Tracks

Prince Philip goes coaching

Sargent Shriver declares

Walt Frazier

Yakov Malik

Mao and Heath

Richardsons’ underground journey

30 Couples

Chris and Genevieve Cerf—the playmates of the Western World

34 Sequel

Sinatra gets Broadway’s bravos and Jackie’s hand too

39 For a Song

Nat King Cole’s daughter Natalie becomes a jukebox queen

42 Bio

Japan’s Emperor Hirohito is a long-delayed visitor to the U.S.

49 Over the Tube

Lee Grant wasn’t much for lost causes—until Fay

52 In Trouble

Philadelphians question the house Mayor Rizzo’s jack built

54 On the Move

The high-balling Freedom Train is Ross Rowland’s gift to the Bicentennial

56 In His Own Words

John (Mr. Automation) Diebold says private enterprise may have answers for the cities’ woes

60 Medics

Dr. Sanford Marcus is organizing his colleagues in a labor union

63 Out of the Pages

Lothar-Günther Buchheim torpedoes some myths of U-boat glory in The Boat

67 People Puzzle

69 Adventure

Miss England is no rhinestone cowgirl

70 Spirit

On-and off-screen, Dennis Weaver is Sunday’s good guy

72 Chatter