By People Staff
September 29, 1975 12:00 PM

2 Mail

4 Up Front

Louisville’s Mayor Harvey Sloane tries to cool the fires of busing

The Beautiful and the Dutiful trot out for the annual opening of the fall party season

Mother Seton’s kin descend upon Rome for her canonization

Charles Schulz celebrates Peanuts’ 25th birthday

19 In Trouble

The Captain who loved cat dancing gets torpedoed

20 Over the Tube

Can Howard Cosell make it adding variety to his spite?

24 Happy

Margaux Hemingway and Errol Wetson’s endless honeymoon

32 Sequel

Blacklisted humorist John Henry Faulk’s story turns up on CBS—of all places

34 In His Own Words

Can we win the next war? Drew Middleton says yes—and no

38 People Puzzle

43 Winners

Colonel Sanders adds $1 million gravy to his fried chicken

44 Couples

Pop queen Jessi Colter tames “Outlaw” king Waylon Jennings

48 On the Move

The Duke of Argyll tells his clan to pull up its socks

53 Bio

Earl Butz is the Dept. of Agriculture’s first superstar

58 Star Tracks

Mickey Rooney and the Queen

Ken Norton

Shirley MacLaine

Sally Rand’s fan

Day and Hefner

Gene Sarazen

60 Medics

Orthopedist Ed Keefer doesn’t mind the title “horse doctor”

64 Arts

Judith Somogi swaps a bat for baton at the Hollywood Bowl

66 Out of the Pages

Novelist William Burroughs resurrects the late Dutch Schultz

68 Chatter